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If you landed on this page, you might be looking for a little direction on where to start on Pen and Parent. Let us help you!

We're freelance copywriters and bloggers with a total of six novels under our belts, one of which we co-wrote. We also have three kids from infant to age eight.

Whether you're a first time mom overwhelmed with all the sudden changes or an aspiring writer trying to find time to write, everything you need is right here. 

So pick a section and join us on writing while parenting .

Want honest articles on parenting?

When we first became parents, Mr. Google was our best friend for all things parenting. Honestly, we aren't sure how parents did it before a smart phone.

But, we soon realized that the articles and blogs we loved and trusted the most were from "real" parents out in the battlefield willing to honestly share their experiences.

Our commitment to you with everything we write is to be authentic, backed by research when needed, and informed by experience. Sometimes raw, sometimes practical, but always the truth from real moms raising kids, just like you.  

Need to improve your writing skills?

Whether you're a blogger, novelist, or a poet, the craft of writing is a journey. The more you practice, the more you realize you need to learn.

Then, you become a parent and suddenly taking a shower seems optional, let alone finding the time to write and improve your skills. We want to help you be a great writer AND be a great parent.

Begin your commitment today to parent while writing. 

Looking for a freelance writer?

Are you tired of reading the same old blog posts and articles, with the same dry content? In the age of information writing needs to stand out, be SEO ready, and boost your brand and traffic.

We began Pen and Parent from the ground up and along the way we learned an incredible amount about how to write excellent content that moves people. You need writers who care, meet deadlines, and craft excellent prose. We would love to hear more about your project. Click here to connect with us further. 

Are you looking for a mentorship or community?

I'm not sure what can be more challenging - parenting or writing - but finding a mentor or a community of like-minded folks on the same journey helps.

You want to connect with other parents and writers to ask questions, share stories, feel better, and to give advice. Belonging to a community like Pen and Parent opens up the door for collaboration and transformation. Click here for more information. 

Need help shedding the baby weight?

So, you grew this beautiful baby and a pair of turkey thighs to match. You want to donate your maternity clothes, but the stretchy fabric in the front of your jeans that once held your baby, now caresses your muffin top. You're too busy or tired to lose the baby weight or feel overwhelmed about the prospect.

We know how you feel.  

Between the two of us, we gained and lost close to 250 pounds. After each baby, we thought the weight would never come off. But, it did. Now, we want to share with you how to lose the baby weight fast. And experience your pre-baby body again.  Click the button below to learn how to become healthy and lose weight.

Infertility struggles?

One in ten couples have troubles conceiving. Infertility affects more than five million couples every year. Coping with this misunderstood condition brings about depression, separation from family and friends, and strains finances. I (this is Amber) struggled with this disease for many years. Thankfully, my journey ended with two cuties.  Read more about Amber's story. 

Wanna read our books?

Whether you are a parent, writer or both, reading is a big part of your life. Our kids love for us to read the same book over and over again, just as we love writing them. Not the same book mind you, but ones that bring adventure, romance, and transformation to your home.

To read more of our fiction, click the link below.

We also have a non-fiction book, How to Make a Living as a Writer. This up-to-date guide will help you make money as a writer, blogger or author. 

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