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In 2017, Melissa Uhles and Amber Roshay teamed up to create Pen and Parent. We offer freelance writing services for online and print magazines, blogs, ghost writing, and web content. 

Not only are we professional writers, but we are reliable, easy to work with, and know how to connect to your readers. Send us an email at

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Melissa's Bio & Portfolio

Melissa is the author of three novels and a children's picture book. She’s co-founder and writer for Pen & Parent. In addition, she’s been published online at The Pennyhoarder, Rage Against the Minivan, Momastery, Yahoo Voices, and Red Tricycle. Her print articles have appeared in Salient and You Need Not Walk Alone Magazine. She’s also written and produced short film scripts and plays.

She’s published content in the following subjects: parenting, relationships, food, travel, film/t.v. and frugal living. In addition, she’s worked with nonprofit and small business clients to create compelling blogs, web content and other collateral sales content.

Note: Some content writing has been ghost-written and she cannot share those clips. Here are a variety of clips to give you an idea of her style.

Pennyhoarder: Save 2K Per Year Visiting Your Library

Red Tricycle: 6 Portland Fountains for Hot Summer Days

Rage Against the Minivan: Letter to a Pregnant Friend

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Amber's Bio & Portfolio

Amber is a parent and writer living in San Diego. She is the author of two novels. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from California College of the Art in San Francisco. Her work has been published in and is forthcoming in The Write Life and You and Me Magazine. When she's not writing or parenting, she teaches English at the University of California San Diego. 

Areas of expertise are: parenting, writing, education, health, and humor. In addition, she’s worked with nonprofits, colleges, and universities to create compelling curriculum, newsletters, and other collateral sales content. 

Parent Co.: 8 Things You Need to Know Breastfeeding with a Tongue-Tied Baby

Parent Co.: Measuring the True Cost of Infertility

Pen and Parent: Are You Living with a Twonager?

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