Would you like to make money 
with your writing?

How to Make a Living as a Writer

This inexpensive eBook is a modern guide to making a living as a writer. We dive into social media and twitter pitch parties and include over 200 links to paying publications in different niches.

Four ways to make money writing including:

  • Freelance Writing for clients, websites or magazines
  • Blogging and using affiliate links, ads, sponsored posts, selling services and or products
  • Self-publishing books by doing the work yourself or hiring it out.
  • Traditionally publishing books by seeking an agent and or publisher and giving them a percentage of your royalties.
  • Crafting pitches and query letters for websites, magazines, and publishers

How To Make a Living as a Writer Bonuses:

  • Lists of publishers, magazines and websites seeking submissions

  • Great books for writers, included for a little inspiration
  • Writing prompts that will get you crafting prose that zings


How to make a living as a writer, Makaela Anderson, review of How to make a living as a writer, author, and freelance writer

 Makaela A. 

 Writer & Program Producer 


I absolutely loved How to Make a Living as a Writer. It was a fresh perspective on how to make money as a writer. I loved the HUGE list of freelance writing markets. The book is easy to read, packed full of information, and has lots of links to resources and tips on how to write a pitch letter. I found it really helpful.

 Pam C.  



I loved How to Make a Living as a Writer! It's the perfect guide for someone interested in making money as a blogger. I was able to read it in a day and implement the tips easily. The writing style is friendly. It's so worth the money and time. 

Melissa Uhles portfolio, freelance writer, parenting, money, writing

About the Authors

Two college best friends and experienced writers teamed up to co-write How to Make a Living as a Writer. We wanted an up-to-date guide that gave new and experienced authors, bloggers, and freelance writers all the information they needed to make money and be successful. 

Pen and Parent / writing /parenting, amber roshay portfolio
How to make a living as a writer

 Yvonne L. 



I've been writing for years, but I've never taken the next step towards publication. How to Make a Living as a Writer pushed me to finally send my writing to magazines. I loved the section on how to write a pitch and the lists of paying publications by niche. I was inspired to take action.

How to Make a Living as a Writer

 Cristian T. 

 Business Writer 


A must read! Most of the how to writing books on the market today are out of date. They only go into the publishing world five years ago. But, so much has changed. Writers need to utilize social media, find agents on Twitter, and have a strong online presence. How to Make a Living as a Writer tells you how to do this. It's a quick read, but full of industry insight that's invaluable. 

Why How to Make a Living as a Writer will help you:

  • Find up-to-date 2018 publishing industry insider tips
  • Make money as an author, blogger or freelance writer
  • Use social media to promote your writing and find agents

Don't miss out on this incredible resource! 

How to Make a Living as a Writer

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