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Struggling with how to grow your email list using Pinterest? There’s a secret every blogger should know and it will shock you! Pinterest tips for business, Pinterest for bloggers, Step by step how to make money on Pinterest @penandparent #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #blog #blogging #pinterestmarketingtips #pintereststrategy

The Secret to Growing Your Email List Using PInterest

The fact is we live in a digital world and writers need to have a strong email list to sell their books. But how to grow your email list? Maybe you’ve read from countless bloggers and writers that Pinterest is THE BEST WAY to increase your website traffic and grow your email list. But you're struggling. Well, you don't have to. There’s a secret every blogger and writer should know, and it will rock your world!  


You know that commercial if you make it they will come. Well, it’s not true. You can do everything right but people might not come to your blog, read your books or take your courses.

You’ve made beautiful pins, stressed over keywords, and joined relevant boards in your niche.

Waited. Nothing.

But, there’s something that does bring REAL results.

My Pinterest journey began nine-months ago and continues to be a saga. If only, I could turn it into a bestseller.

Let me first begin by saying that I’ve tried just about everything to increase my blog traffic through Pinterest.

In the beginning, there was Boardbooster (now out of business). Imagine the beginning of time and jumping into a lake for the first time. 

I jumped right into creating my boards, setting up my pins to loop and learned there was a difference between a real board and a secret board. The fast results I was promised were lukewarm. 

Now, you have to remember our blog was and is relatively new and unknown. Still, I did EVERYTHING right.

And I was obsessed. Before I started a blog, I didn’t even like Pinterest. I was like there are all these pictures, I don’t get it. But when it clicked that it was a visual search engine the lights came on.

After Boardbooster, I took three different Pinterest courses. YES, THREE! I made changes. I watched my traffic numbers stay the same.  I learned how to make beautiful Pinterest pins. I wrote about that HERE

So, I started using Tailwind with Boardbooster. I thought if you have one child, you might as well have another.

I decided I liked the user interface with Tailwind better but kept Boardbooster because it looped my pins to my boards. Tailwind also had tribes and Boardbooster at that time didn’t. But with Tailwind to really access the analytical features you have to upgrade your plan.

Children are expensive.  

I became even more obsessed. I read a few books, joined every helpful newsletter I could find. I even started to feel like I could make predictions on what would be hot on Pinterest. My traffic slowly increased but not enough.

Through Pinterest, I found Mommy My Way and the book, Pinterest Strategies. She recommended manually pinning your best pins using data from Google Analytics. A light bulb went off. Yes, that’s the answer. It’s real people doing real pinning, and I’ll finally get some traction.

At this point we had over 80 blog posts, an ebook and two courses on our site. Both of us working around the clock to provide relevant and useful content for our readers.

Yet, we were doing it all for free. Both of us have kids, and I have a full-time teaching job.

Mommy My Way’s method was good, but I got the same results as I had with Tailwind and Boardbooster. Although I’m only 22 days into this strategy, and Mommy My Way mentions that it might take awhile. The biggest problem is that using a scheduler takes about 3-4 hours per week and pinning manually takes 7-10 hours. I’m a mom, you do the math.

Then through purchasing the Ultimate Bundles Bloggers Toolkit, I came across Redefining Mom. I decided to take her FREE 3-day Pinterest Pin Practical Ads Challenge. I was curious about how to promote a pin on Pinterest. After the challenge, she offered me her course the Pin Practical Promotions for a discount.

I didn’t take it. I thought I’d try to promote a pin without taking the course. Big mistake. I spent money on a promotion with no results. I didn’t know what I was doing.

So, I then purchased her course for full price. In all honesty, I should have purchased the course first because I would have saved myself a lot of time and anxiety.

Because Pin Practical Promotions works.

You’ll learn how to create low-cost promoted pin to grow your email list.

The proof is in the data.

I did one promotion for our Write 3K in 3 Days Writing Challenge and we DOUBLED our mailing list.

Struggling with how to grow your email list using Pinterest? There’s a secret every blogger should know and it will shock you! Pinterest tips for business, Pinterest for bloggers, Step by step how to make money on Pinterest @penandparent #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #blog #blogging #pinterestmarketingtips #pintereststrategy

And our Pinterest monthly views reached one million, and our website traffic went up 35 percent. 

And do you know how much this cost?  For what I spend on coffee a month, we reached the right people and DOUBLED our email list using Pinterest. My click-through-rate was 0.59% and my conversion rate was about 50 percent. 

So, for every 10 people who came to Pen and Parent through my promoted pin I converted five to my email list. Those numbers are crazy good! 

I’ve spent hours and hours creating opt-ins trying to figure out what people need, and how I can help them and a simple investment gave me tangible results.

In the graph below you can see that I before I started the pin promotions campaign for my writing challenge less than five people would subscribe to my mailing list a day. But as soon as a I started the campaign I was getting 10 to 30 subscribers a day. 

As soon as I shut off the campaign, the numbers dropped again. I then started the campaign again yesterday and you can see that my subscriber rate jumped up once more. 

And these results were during all the Pinterest changes in April. 

As Monica from Redefining Mom says, “Wouldn't it be nice to have a Pinterest strategy that wasn't at the whim of an algorithm change?

You see Pinterest is in the business of making money and when you promote a pin, your pin gets priority; even when they make algorithm changes. And as we know, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google make changes ALL THE TIME.

Pin Practical Promotions works because you can send the right people to the right blog post and landing page and track how they got there and what they do once they are there. Having this information allows you to make changes to your pin promotions campaign and make it even more cost-effective.

And honestly, even if you don’t quite understand it (that’s me) you see the results.

You can create pin promotions campaigns to increase traffic, product promotion, and/or grow your email list for the cost of a latte.

But don’t take my word from it. Look at the data.

Struggling with how to grow your email list using Pinterest? There’s a secret every blogger should know and it will shock you! Pinterest tips for business, Pinterest for bloggers, Step by step how to make money on Pinterest @penandparent #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #blog #blogging #pinterestmarketingtips #pintereststrategy

You might be on your own Pinterest journey and this is just part of it. Although take her free challenge to see if it’ll work for you.

HERE is a link to her free Pin Practical Ads challenge.

But, for two days she’s having a flash sale for the course. The price will go up in June. Link to the course is HERE. And as an added bonus, you’ll get a free Pin Practical Affiliate Masterclass. Plus, Monica’s super helpful and responds to all your questions quickly. I kinda bother her all the time.

Yet, you might be one of those people like Melissa who loves to buy books and learns best that way. Here’s a link to Monica’s eBook bundle, which includes the Pin Promotions Primer, the book for the Pin Practical Promotions. You’ll then receive a $50 discount on the course if you decide to take it later.

So, I hope whatever Pinterest journey you’re on it works for you. Seriously, if nothing is successful, sometimes you just gotta pay for it. And if you have any questions, let me know. 

I love to hear about the different things you’ve done to increase your traffic using Pinterest in the comments below.


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Do you wanna sell books? Then grow your email list. You need to be able to directly connect with your readers and fans other than on social media. Algorithms change all the time and the only way to be sure that your message is being heard, is to grow your email list through Pinterest. #writingtips #novelwritingtips |grow your email list | Pinterest Marketing | blog
As a writer you need to grow your email list to sell your books and connect with fans, but are you struggling with how to massively grow your email list using Pinterest? There’s a secret every blogger and writer should know and it will shock you! |writing tips | novel writing tips | writing business | grow your email list @penandparent #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #blog #blogging #pinterestmarketingtips #pintereststrategy

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