How to Get Your Baby to Sleep: Products that Help
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How to get your baby to sleep: baby products that help will give you tips and product recommendations for a perfect night sleep - for both baby and parent.

Must-Have Products that Help Babies Sleep

The worst thing you can do to a parent is deprive them of sleep. Yet, babies accomplish this right from day one. How to get your baby to sleep through the night is a question every parent asks. Not just once, but many times. And just when you think you have it figured out, something changes. But, there are sleep solutions and baby products that help you and your baby rest peacefully. 


I was desperate for sleep by day two of being a mom. By the end of the first month, I thought I would never sleep again.

Below you'll find recommendations for baby products that will help your baby sleep. In addition, I've added sleep tips that you can implement at any age to encourage self-soothing and sleeping through the night.

Baby Sleep Tips

  1. Create a sleeping routine that fits your baby
  2. Place your baby in a dark room
  3. Check the room temperature is optimal
  4. Make sure your baby's diaper is dry
  5. Swaddle tightly, if your baby hasn't rolled over yet
  6. Turn on the sound machine
  7. Place your baby in the crib drowsy but awake
  8. Use your baby monitor to check up on your baby
  9. Try not to soothe baby right away
  10. Give gentle pats, if baby cries, but don't pick your baby up
  11. Trust that your baby will sleep
  12. Read sleep books to ease your fears

 How to Get Your Baby to Sleep: Products that Help

Cold Mist Humidifier

MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is an economical choice that is easy-to-clean and quiet. Humidifiers add more moisture in the air, helping your baby sleep better. They’re also great for when your little one is sick. Every time my son was sick, his pediatrician asked me if I used a humidifier at night to help him breathe. 

Sound Machine

I had no idea what a life-saver a Sound Spa Relaxation Machine was until my son wouldn’t sleep. I’d wrap him up into a sausage and let the beating heart or crashing waves lull him into dreamland.

When he got older, he tried to grab the machine and suck on it. But, I didn't care, he wasn’t crying. The sound machine is a cheap investment in your sanity.

Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets

Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets help you create a perfect sleep swaddle.The reason is that the fabric is breathable and soft, so you can roll and tighten, roll and tighten to a perfect fit. The size will fit any baby - slender or chunky.

You can also use the blankets to cover the car seat or scrunch one up and let your baby knead it. I found so many uses for them that they’re a great buy for the new mom. Can be pricier than other blankets and some swaddles, but they don’t break the bank.

Seriously, try one with your little one.


I resisted pacifiers at first because of the worry about how it’ll hurt breastfeeding. Some say that the baby will become nipple confused. 

Regardless, a pacifier help your baby sleep. Newborns want to suck constantly, and when they can’t, they cry. Sure, you can let them suck your finger or give them a baby teether to chew, but in the end, a WubbaNub works like magic. When I finally gave Little Bug one, I thought why did I ever wait.

The ones that are the most common for newborns are the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier or WubbaNub

I used those for the first few weeks, then switched to MAM.

MAM  comes in different colors, have a great design, and tend to stay put. Some of them even glow in the dark, so your little one can find and plop it back in without your assistance. 

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Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains for Bedroom are a sleep tool you need to buy. At first, your newborn will be able to sleep anywhere; in the car; right next to the television, and in a bright room. But, as the baby grows, the more sensitive to light and sound he/she will become, so you need to place them to sleep in a dark room. In fact, doing this from the beginning should be a part of your routine. 

Blackout curtains come in many colors, to match any nursery, and are a solid investment in your baby sleeping through the night.

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Whole Room Fan

Honeywell Quietset Whole-Room Tower Fan is awesome. This fan is quiet, cools the entire room, and has a timer. In San Diego, where we live, most houses don’t have air conditioning, so a fan is a must. Babies don’t sleep well when they’re hot or cold. I love this fan because I can set a timer and as the night cools, the fan will shut off. Investing in a fan will ease your peace of mind about whether your baby is too hot and help your little one sleep. It’s a win-win in this mommy book.

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Merlin Suit

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is loved by many parents. It gets so many great reviews that I added to the list of the best products that help babies sleep. When your baby hates the swaddle or is starting to turn over (making the swaddle unsafe) but isn’t quite ready to not being swaddled, then the sleepsuit is a good option.

It’s like a ski suit for babies that keeps them from jerking themselves awake because of the thick padding in the suit. Honestly, the sleep suit didn’t work for Little Bug, but Little Bird loved it. I bought the sleep suit when I was desperate for sleep. 

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is an excellent sleep investment. When you’re sleep training, you’ll want eyes in the room. My husband used to tease me by asking if I wanted some popcorn, I’d be so intent on the screen.

There are many different baby monitors to choose from with various features and prices. I would recommend buying one that also shows the temperature in the room and the quality of the visual allows you to be pretty certain of what you’re seeing. 

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Glowing Seahorse

The Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse is plush, lights up, and hums lullabies. Also, the wide button makes it easy for babies to start the music, and the glow comforts them.

Another similar item is the Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Giraffe. It also glows, plays different tunes, and is plush and soft. I even used the Soothe and Glow Giraffe as a prop for my daughter’s bottle.

Both the seahorse and giraffe are inexpensive and can help your little one sleep.

​Bassinet or Co-Sleeper

A bassinet or co-sleeper will help your baby sleep better. Babies like to sleep in a cozy space next to you. Research has shown that your baby’s breathing will match your own, reducing SIDS. Also, the closer you’re to your baby the easier it is to breastfeed or soothe them without becoming fully awake. 

I’ve had a few co-sleepers in my search for sleep. I found that each of my kids preferred one over the other. Choose one that fits your budget and baby. 

Baby Books for Mommy & Daddy

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep is a common book to line most new parents shelves. First, it's about babies and sleep. Second, you'll be so tired, you'll read anything about how to get your squirming I'd like to put you outside baby to sleep. 

Great book to read before the little one comes home from the hospital, but if you don't have time, it's an easy read and you can scan and implement the recommendations.

The first book in this series is the The Happiest Baby on the Block; a parenting classic that reading is almost like a required passage into parenthood. 

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child was by far the best sleep book I bought. I asked five different parents what book they would recommend for baby sleep and this one came up each time. 

Parents are desperate for sleep and want a book to tell them what to do get some. Well, this book does that, but also backs up the advice with scientific research and data. The information made me feel a lot better about sleep training and completely changed my life. 

If I had to choose one book to purchase, this would be it. 

The Sleep Lady®’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy is another baby sleep book that helped me sleep train. 

The book gives great sleep advice and easy-to-follow sleep schedules for different ages. I found this book useful, and I still peruse its pages to refresh my sleep knowledge when my little ones go through sleep transitions or regressions.

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Books for Baby

Goodnight Moon is a sweet first book for baby sleep book. 

Truly this book is a classic. The best part is that it ends with the words, "Goodnight noises everywhere." Perfect last line before putting your little one to sleep. You can't go wrong with having this gem on your baby's bookshelf. 

Guess How Much I Love You makes me smile every time I read it. The sweetness of the story, the rhythm of the language, and the relationship between the Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare is magical. 

It’s a fantastic book to begin reading to your baby, and it ends with Little Nutbrown Hare fast asleep. 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is by far one of my favorite first books for baby! Not only does the story teach your baby/toddler rhythm, but also about the animal kingdom in a fun and engaging way. Now, my son says the words along with me.

This baby book is a classic and an excellent choice to fill your little one’s library. 

I would love to know what sleep products you liked best and why. Leave a comment below. 

I truly hope that you're getting some sleep. One thing I have learned as a mom is that sleep will come - eventually.

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