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Kids Will Love These Healthy Summer Snacks

This is a guest post by René Brooks of

Summer is here and that means that your kids are going to be home all day. Expect them to be active and hungry. You can come to the rescue with a kitchen stocked with healthy summer snacks for your kids.


There are trails to explore, swimming to do, and lots and lots of running, jumping and laughter. That’s the beauty of summer. Activities and demands on your family’s schedule slow down, and kids get to just be kids.

In a world of constant activity and overscheduling, they get to take a break from the grind of school, and sports, and other plans.

Of course, with all of that play, you’re going to have some ravenously hungry children on your hands. Kids who are outside all day will come in and raid your fridge, leaving it looking like locusts just swept through.

Since they are going to be home all day, you’re going to want them to have everything that they need in order to be self-sufficient and feed themselves without having to come to you every time they want a snack.

It makes children feel good when they are able to pick out what they want and take care of themselves.

The question is, what do we feed them? The last thing you want is to have to deal with kids who are hyped up on sugar. So we need to encourage them to eat healthy summer snacks, but many kids think of healthy as boring.

That means it is time to get creative, mom.

Take a look at this list of healthy summer snacks to put together easy grabbable items to keep the kids eating well, hydrated, and out of your hair this summer.

4 Healthy Summer Snacks Kids Will Love

Fresh fruit

If your children have a sweet tooth, you cannot beat fresh fruit for keeping their sweet cravings satisfied without overwhelming them with sugar.

The best part?

In summer there is a wide variety of fruit in season, so give them all their little heart desires. Give them melons and berries to eat indoors and clean up before running back outdoors. If they need an outdoor snack, keep stone fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines on hand for a snack they can grab quickly and run away.


Some of the best summer memories you will have are sitting with a friend, sharing a handful of sunflower seeds, and cracking them open together.

Give your children access to seeds and nuts for a healthy dose of protein to keep them sustained while they are on the run. Just remember that they should never be given to children under the age of five.


Sometimes you need a substantial summer healthy snack, and a sandwich is an easy thing to put together.

Kids love to be able to make their own food. It gives them a sense of independence, and they will proudly show you and their friends the fruits of their labor. This is also a great chance to teach them about cleaning up their mess up afterward.


You may be trying to keep your kids away from sugar as much as possible, but is it really summer if you can’t have a popsicle?

Of course not. That’s why you should prepare your own sugar-free healthy popsicles.

  • You can stick popsicle sticks into slices of watermelon and freeze them. 
  • Or you can puree fruit with coconut water, coconut milk, or even yogurt.

These are the ultimate summer snack. Make sure you prepare enough for them to share with their friends, because they certainly will want to.


Kids are going to be losing a lot of water while they are outside sweating. That means you are going to need to be prepared to replace that hydration. Encourage the kids to come in every hour to have a drink, and keep lots of water bottles handy for them to grab a drink with.

Healthy summer snacks need to be quick, easy and nutritious. As long as you keep them accessible to the children, your summer will go smoothly. Talk to the kids about what type of snacks they like best, and encourage them to participate in shopping for their favorite things to eat.

What healthy summer snacks do you feed your kiddos? Let me know if the comments below?

Enjoy your summer!

René Brooks is a freelance writer for She is especially interested in freelancing and mental health.  René seeks to bring education and humor to some serious topics, and promote unity for ALL people, regardless of mental health diagnosis.

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