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How we help parents

Do you sometimes need support navigating the crazy world of parenting? We know we did. 

The one thing we quickly learned about being parents is that everything changes and what you need one day wasn't exactly what you need the next. 

But what was consistent was the need for connecting with a like-minded tribe that could answer all your questions, share the ups and downs of raising kids, and grow with you as a parent.  

Begin by joining our community

Once you join Pen and Parent we have a few freebies. We are adding new parenting tools every week based on feedback from members. 

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Tell us what you need

Pen and Parent is for you. We want to know what aspect of parenting you're having the most trouble with and what you think might help. Is there a question you have that needs an answer? Let us know about it. Do you want to share something you learned about the big job of parenting? Send us a note.

We want to hear from you. Help us by filling out a 2-minute survey. 

More coming soon

We are in the process of developing books, courses, and services for parents and writers. As our kids change, so do we. Don't miss out on the latest tips and special offers. 

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