Essentials to Buy Before Bringing the Baby Home - Part 3
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Are you getting ready to become a parent? But, don't know what essentials to buy before bringing the baby home? I felt the same way. Check out this baby registry list of must-have baby products that help you become prepared for your little one to come home.

Essentials to Buy Before Bringing your Baby Home – Part 3

Do you need to prepare for your new baby, but don't know what baby essentials to purchase before the little one arrives? Don't worry, I was in the same bassinet. But, two pregnancies back-to-back forced me to become prepared. 


Below you'll find detailed baby essentials product information for items I used for both babies.  This is Part 3 in a three part series.

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Join our community of parents and grab your Seriously Awesome Baby Registry List below. You'll be prepared for your little one's arrival. Now, imagine how good that will feel. 

I would love to know which baby essentials you plan on purchasing. Leave a comment below. 

 Essentials to Buy Before Bringing the Baby Home
- Part 3

Baby Wearing is so 2017

I read once that you need to find a baby wrap that fits you and your little one. Now, that I’ve owned five different baby wraps/carriers at once and had two babies in two years, I think that it’s true.

Like a lot of things in the mom category, I was deficient at first, and using a wrap was one of them. I’m not trying to make you feel sorry for me. Okay, go ahead.

But, because I struggled I tried a few baby wraps/carriers. My favorite is still the Ergobaby 360. I’m still using it now for my 8-month-old. Also, I have a friend who recently took her two-year-old overseas and used the Ergobaby 360 to carry her around.

The quality, fit, and style are impressive. Also, the baby feels secure when you wear the Ergobaby. You can’t go wrong purchasing this baby carrier. It’s on the pricier end, but worth the cost.

The only problem is that I found the Ergobaby 360 newborn insert annoying and hot for my babies. So, I wasn’t able to use the baby carrier until both my kiddos were around 3-4 months. In the meantime, I needed another wrap/carrier.

The one that worked for me was the Sling Eazy, but the one that worked for a lot of my mom friends was the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier for Newborns + Toddlers.

The Moby is a long piece of stretchy fabric that you wrap around yourself and baby. Think of a kangaroo pouch, and you'll have the right idea.

I could never figure out the wrapping part, so the Moby wasn't ideal for me. But, I have a few mom friends who adore the Moby and wouldn't use anything else.

For those moms, who are wrap deficient (like me) The Sling EZee is a great alternative. You wear the Sling EZee like a hammock over your chest and slide the baby in and tighten for a secure fit.

Truly a wrap/carrier is like buying a car, so don't be upset if the one you purchase isn't the right model at first. I found that different wraps work for various stages of your babies development.

I would love to know which wrap/carrier you like in the comments below.

Blankets Will Keep the Baby Warm

Remember the muslin swaddle blankets I told you about, well these can be light summer blankets, but you’ll also need warmer blankets in the winter. I love the Hudson Baby Printed Mink Blanket because of the plushness, design, and size

aden by aden + anais Security Blankets with satin trim gets five stars from most moms. They love the satin trim and softness of the muslin. Now, the thickness isn't winter ready, but the muslin is double layered, so this ups the warm factor. Plus, baby loves to play with the satin trim. 

All new moms need a stroller and car seat. The one I used for both my kiddos was the Britax B Safe 35 Travel System.

The design, quality, and safety features make this system extremely attractive. The stroller folds up easily, and the carrier clicks right into it.

The car seat is roomy, perfect for boys and comes with a newborn insert for smaller babies. Britax is one of the most popular brands for a good reason.

Another popular stroller, but on the higher end is the Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller. I absolutely love this stroller. It's easy to maneuver, high-quality, and huge storage basket. 

The downsides are the weight and compactness once folded up. But, the other amazing factors make up for this, and investing in this stroller is worth it. 

Also, if you're planning on having a second child, a double stroller is a must. My toddler loves to ride in Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller because the seat sits straight up, and this allows him to see out easily. You can also turn a single stroller into a double with the Baby Jogger. 

If you plan on using a stroller with your toddler, invest in the child tray and parent console for mom/dad.

Babies will Need to Eat 

BABYBJORN Soft Bibs make feeding less messy. The bibs are made of silicon, easy to clean, and will last forever. The quality of BABYBJORN products are worth EVERY penny. 

I'm tempted to use one when I eat. Just kidding. But seriously, these are a great investment. If you missed it, check out the food catcher at the bottom. My toddler loses about half of what he tries to shovel in his mouth, but it never falls to the floor with these bibs. Unless he throws it, of course!

Luvable Friends Drooler Bibs with Waterproof Backing is another great bib option. My son was a drooler and spitter upper (word?) and wore a bib from months 1 to 6 everywhere we went. 

The bibs with the waterproof backing are perfect because they keep the babies clothes dry. They also come in super cute designs for both boys and girls. 

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs are another parent favorite. Since Little Bug was a drooler, I also wanted him to look cute, so the bandana bibs were perfect.

I love the cute designs, but also how well they kept the food off his clothing. They don't have the waterproof backing, but because of the bandana shape the wetness hardly reaches the clothing. 

Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottles are an excellent choice for baby's first meal outside of mom. 

Most lactation consultants will recommend Playtex Baby Bottles because the flow of the milk is similar to the breast. In addition, the baby swallows less air with the Playtex design, cutting down on spit ups. 

The two downsides I found was that there are a lot of different parts to clean and sometimes the nipple becomes clogged. Although, a mom friend pointed out that most bottle nipples clog at some point, and all the different parts means that you can really get the bottle clean. 

What do you think? 

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup is the next step after the bottle. These sippy cups make the transition from bottle to sippy cup smoother. 

The baby/toddler can drink from any side, and won't be able to spill the water without some serious effort. I say serious effort because my toddler definitely manages, but for the most part he can't spill his beverage. The sippy cups also come in different colors and with or without handles. Love, love these cups! 

Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl help you cut down on food throwing. My toddler has learned how to un-suck them from the table, but before he became a Houdini baby they worked like a charm. I use them for my 8-month old as well. 

The bowls come in fun colors, dishwasher safe, and a great price. You'll need them! 

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon is the last piece in the feeding the baby essentials. You want a spoon that is soft so that you don't hurt your baby's mouth by accident.

The Munchkin spoons are perfect for this and dishwasher safe. Although, put them in the top tray, so that you don't melt them. I had this happen once. Yes, I'm a learn as they go, kinda parent. 

Boobie Bars are For Mommy

Boobie Bar, The Original Lactation Bar helps with breast milk production. I had breastfeeding woes galore, but what did help were Boobie Bars. Not just in terms of how they did increase my breast milk, but also how consuming chocolate at two in the morning really does make me feel better. 

There are a few different products on the market that are similar and claim to increase breastmilk, but this one has Moringa Leaf Powder as an incredient. Moringa Leaf Powder is the only herb that has some scientific evidence showing increased milk production by consuming it. 

I realized that I preferred taking it in bar from, rather than in powder mixed with water or orange juice. Moringa Leaf Powder has a foul flavor and the aftertaste that stuck with me. But, the bars can become costly, so I bought the Moringa Leaf Powder powder. 

Whatever your poison is (bars or powder) Moringa Leaf Powder will help jumpstart your breastmilk. 

Baby Books for Mommy & Daddy

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep is a common book to line most new parents shelves. First, it's about babies and sleep. Second, you'll be so tired, you'll read anything about how to get your squirming I'd like to put you outside baby to sleep. 

Great book to read before the little one comes home from the hospital, but if you don't have time, it's an easy read and you can scan and implement the recommendations.

The first book in this series is the The Happiest Baby on the Block; a parenting classic that reading is almost like a required passage into parenthood. 

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child was by far the best sleep book I bought. I asked five different parents what book they would recommend for baby sleep and this one came up each time. 

Parents are desperate for sleep and want a book to tell them what to do get some. Well, this book does that, but also backs up the advice with scientific research and data. The information made me feel a lot better about sleep training and completely changed my life. 

If I had to choose one book to purchase, this would be it. 

The Sleep Lady®’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy is another baby sleep book that helped me sleep train. 

The book gives great sleep advice and easy-to-follow sleep schedules for different ages. I found this book useful, and I still peruse its pages to refresh my sleep knowledge when my little ones go through sleep transitions or regressions.

The Nursing Mother's Companion is a breastfeeding classic. My friend gave this book to me, and I read it before Little Bug was born, but I forgot everything. I then used it as a reference during the hours and days of breastfeeding torture and bliss (yes, there's both when you breastfeed).

This book goes into everything you may want to know or didn't know you wanted to know about breastfeeding. I highly recommend stocking it on your bookshelf. 

What to Expect When You're Expecting is a super popular pregnancy book. The reason is that it's packed with great information, easy-to-read, and perfect for new parents. 

I loved that you can discover information about each week of your pregnancy. As you grow, you can follow the book. Check it out!

Fun Books for Baby

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet Book (Little Learners) is a sweet first book for baby. The finger puppet books provide hours of entertainment for your little one.

"This adorable nursery rhyme board book features a fun spider character finger puppet toy built into the story, encouraging interactive play, hand-eye coordination, and language development for babies aged 6+ months. The perfect size for little hands, it is ideal for reading, and playtime on-the-go."

Baby Animals Black and White enthralls babies as early as a few weeks of age. I asked a few moms what first book they’d bought for their baby, and most mentioned this one. 

The large black and white pictures captivate and hold their attention. It’s a great quality board book that is a great way to introduce reading to your newborn.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is by far one of my favorite first books for baby! Not only does the story teach your baby/toddler rhythm, but also about the animal kingdom in a fun and engaging way. Now, my son says the words along with me.

This baby book is a classic and an excellent choice to fill your little one’s library. 

Brushing Babies Teeth isn't Fun

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether is the perfect first toothbrush and teether. What baby doesn’t love bananas! And what mom doesn’t love a toothbrush with handles! 

I dreaded brushing my son’s teeth. It was something I needed to do have a long list of other things I had to do. But, this toothbrush makes it easy. Your baby chews and brushes. Perfect! Not to mention, it’s adorable.  

Tom’s of Maine Anticavity Fluoride Children’s Toothpaste  tastes yummy. I wanted a toothpaste that was natural and effective. My son likes this stuff so much he wants to eat it all the time. So, keep the toothpaste out of reach! 

​No Nursery is Complete without a Crib

DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib is the perfect first crib. I chose this one because of the great price, classic style, and raving reviews. I have to say all the positive reviews are true. The crib looks beautiful set-up, durable, and easy to move around. I’m still using this crib for baby number two. Babies turn into toddlers and love to chew and kick cribs, so purchasing an expensive crib might upset you later. The DaVinci Crib is definitely worth the small investment.
Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Mattress fits perfectly in the DaVinci Crib. The mattress is firm, a great price, and one of the most popular choices for new parents. Baby mattresses need to be firm and fit your crib snugly, so there’s not more than a two finger gap between mattress and crib. The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Mattress rocks.

CUDDLY CUBS Jersey Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets are super soft and comfortable. You’ll want to buy at least four sheets, due to accidents and changes. You can’t go wrong with Cuddly Cubs and designs, perfect for baby boy or girl. 

I would love to know what baby essentials you liked best and why. Leave a comment below. 

Join our community of parents and grab your Seriously Awesome Baby Registry List below. You'll be prepared for your little one's arrival. Now, imagine how good that will feel. 

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