How to Increase Your Child's Math Skills by Making a Tangram
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Increasing your child's math skills is important. But, what if there was an easy, fun way to do so? Making a tangram teaches your child basic geometry and spatial awareness. You can make the tangram together and foster a love of math without your child knowing it.

How to Increase Your Child’s Math Skills by Making a Tangram

Math plays an important role in any child's development. Unfortunately, math can be challenging for a lot of kids. But, what if there was a fun way to introduce geometry while playing? One way is to create a Tangram.


What is a Tangram?

A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle. The word tangram literally translates to “seven boards of skill.”

Your child will develop his spatial awareness and get an introduction to basic geometry as he makes his own tangram, using it to create two different mathematical shapes. He can take things a step further by creating his own pictures and shapes using the seven pieces.

​ developed the following lesson for using the tangram in a fun way to help your child increase math skills.

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What You Need:

What You Do:

1. Print out a sample template and a set of pieces.
2. Ask your child to color each segment in the template a different color.
3. Ask your child to carefully glue the template to the card.
4. When the glue is dry, help your child to cut out the tangram pieces.
5. Jumble up the pieces and see how quickly your child can make a square from the pieces.
6. Mix the pieces up again and see if he can improve his assembly time.
7. Mix the pieces up again and see if he is able to make a rectangle.
8. Ask your child to make other pictures using the pieces.

What other games can you play?

Here's one idea: make a second tangram set. Give your child one set, and arrange the other into a shape. Challenge your child to arrange her set into the same shape.

Also, as your child heads back to school this fall, meeting the common core standards for math will be important. So, you'll be helping your child and your sanity by introducing an tangram. 

What games do you play with your child that increases math skills? We would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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