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How I Became A Self Published YA Author

How I Became a Self-Published YA Author

This is a guest post by Daphne James Huff

When I started self-publishing in early 2017, I had a plan. It was not to become a self-published YA author. Well, to be fair, not when I first started, but within a few months of hitting publish for the first time, I had learned what I needed to do. I needed a series and I needed to do it fast, if I wanted to make any money.

Are you looking to write and self-publish a book in 30 days? Check out these 10 steps for publishing an non-fiction book fast

How to Successfully Publish an eBook

By Amber Roshay

Are you looking to write and self-publish a book in 30 days? Well, it’s quite a challenge, but one that can happen with planning.

my picture book failure

My Big Fat Picture Book Failure

By Melissa Uhles

It’s easy to share our successes with the world but harder to share stories of failure. Today I’m sharing my picture book failure so that you know you are not alone if you’ve tried and failed at something. Writing is one of those aspirations that can require a thick skin and will involve some tolerance of rejection.

how to write a book blurb

How to Write a Blurb to Sell Your Book

This is a guest post by Tina Hogan Grant

Many authors find that one of the hardest parts of writing a book, is cramming their 80,000-word novel into a descriptive 250-word blurb. It's quite a challenge. I want to show you how to write an irresistible book blurb to sell your book. 

how to write a novel

How I Wrote a Novel and You Can Too

By Melissa Uhles

Have you always dreamed of writing a novel? Have you written the first chapter and then moved on to other things because you were stuck? You are not alone. Writing a book is HARD!

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How to Launch a Book in Five Easy Steps

By Melissa Uhles

Amber (my Pen and Parent co-blogger) and I are launching our second co-authored book. It was written with you all in mind. Parents who write may eventually want to publish and make some money with their creative labors.

Do want to self-publish a book? In 2017, self-publishing a novel is easier than you think. Discover these great tips to self-publish in a self-publishing world.

Simple Self-Publishing Tips that Will Get You Started

By Melissa Uhles

Luckily, self publishing has lost its stigma and is a gatekeeper free way to get your book out into the world. I’ve had the experience of having one of my novels published with a small traditional publisher. However, my other two books were self-published. In addition, my co-writer Amber and I self-published a romance novel called The Proposition. We used pen names, which is a good idea if you are planning to write in wildly different genres.