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How to Launch a Book in Five Easy Steps

By Melissa Uhles

Amber (my Pen and Parent co-blogger) and I are launching our second co-authored book. It was written with you all in mind. Parents who write may eventually want to publish and make some money with their creative labors.

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What to Get the Writer in Your Life for the Holidays

By Melissa Uhles

On our Pen and Parent Facebook Page we were discussing good gift ideas for writers. With the holidays around the corner don’t writer/parents deserve something nice for themselves?

If your extended family is anything like mine they like to get “wish lists” from everyone to take some of the guess work out of shopping. So now you’ll be able to present them with a wish list, which is really doing them a big favor, right?

Miranda Southern is a blogging superstar who spends her days writing about parenting, blogging, and lifestyles. She gives great tips on her favorite social media, how to start a blog, and much more.

Blogger Interview: Miranda Southern

If you are a writer or a blogger, it’s so important to find your tribe. Hours at the keyboard can be lonely. Amber and I have been connecting with some like minded bloggers and writers through Facebook groups.

Do want to self-publish a book? In 2017, self-publishing a novel is easier than you think. Discover these great tips to self-publish in a self-publishing world.

Simple Self-Publishing Tips that Will Get You Started

By Melissa Uhles

Luckily, self publishing has lost its stigma and is a gatekeeper free way to get your book out into the world. I’ve had the experience of having one of my novels published with a small traditional publisher. However, my other two books were self-published. In addition, my co-writer Amber and I self-published a romance novel called The Proposition. We used pen names, which is a good idea if you are planning to write in wildly different genres.

Making lots of money blogging takes time, but there key steps that will help you monetize and grow your blog from the beginning.

How to Make Lots of Money Blogging

These twelve steps will help set up your blog for financial success

By Melissa Uhles

Are you creating a blog or a business? Do you want to make money blogging?

Before creating Pen and Parent, Amber and I had personal hobby blogs for years. We’d also written a novel together. But we wanted to build a profitable business while using our writing skills. We’re also both parents. So we dreamed of helping people like us. That’s why our blog now provides helpful information and a community for parents and writers.

Writers need to write all the time, but they also need to learn how to market themselves and their book. One way to do this is to start a podcast. I will tell you exactly how writers can start a successful podcast easily. #marketingtips #podcastingtips | self-publishing tips | marketing tips for writers @penandparent.com

How Writers Can Start a Successful Podcast

by Christine Blackburn, Creator of the Story Worthy Podcast

I recently celebrated the 7th year anniversary of the second love of my life, my podcast Story Worthy. It is a weekly show featuring Hollywood's most creative talents telling true stories followed by a discussion. It’s funny, insightful and addictive (if I do say so myself!)

#pitmad Twitter pitch parties are a great way to sell you manuscript, connect with other publishers, and find an agent. Discover 10 twitter pitch party success tips that will help you rock a pitch party. Calling all writers, authors, novelists, bloggers, screenwriters & writing enthusiasts!

How to Get an Agent at a Twitter Pitch Party

By Melissa Uhles

#PB Pitch

Do those hashtags mean anything to you? They didn’t to me when I first saw mentions in an online writing group I was in. It turns out that Twitter is a place where there are “pitch parties” that help match writers with publishers and or agents. There are strict rules. Your manuscript must be complete and polished. You must also use the correct hashtag for the contest and genre (PB for picture book, for example). If your pitch is favorited, that means you are invited to send a query to that agent or publisher, sometimes they may ask for the first chapter as well.

Where to publish your romance novel? 22 Romance Publishers Seeking Unsolicited Manuscripts.

Where to Submit your Romance Novel: 22 Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

​Updated 6/10/18
By Melissa Uhles

If there is one thing I’ve learned a lot about in the past two years, it’s who publishes romance novels. I’ve been through the submissions process three times so far. One of my books sold to a small press after participating in a Twitter pitchfest called #Pit2Pub. Prior to that, I had gone the traditional route. I wrote a query letter, synopsis and read each romance publisher’s guidelines before sending off my hopes and dreams.

Have you ever started a writing project and never finished it? Learn how to successfully finish your novel's first draft by following these six simple steps. Click through to learn how.

A Successful Writer’s Tips for Always Finishing Your First Draft

I hope you enjoy this guest post by my author friend Lindsay. She’s written eight novels and has a knack for telling a true-to-life love story. We hope her five tips will help you get your Novel’s first draft nailed down.

How to Write a Short Film

6 Questions to Ask Before Writing a Short Film

Years ago, when I lived in LA, I wrote my first short film. A good friend was working with a small crew with a goal to shoot something short every weekend. He asked me if I wanted to write and act in a project for him. I jumped at the chance. What resulted was a short film about five minutes long that shot in three nearby locations. Two other friends acted for free. It was a long day of fun and hard work and a no-budget project.

Fast forward about ten years, and I had moved to Portland. I'd become deeply immersed in stay-at-home motherhood. My writing had taken a backseat to full time nurturing. Then one day, In a mom's group I met Natasha. She'd also had some acting experience but wanted to get some more experience directing, editing and doing her cinematography.