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before and after editing a blog post

A Blog Post “Before” and “After” Editing

By Melissa Uhles and Kim Poteat

Have you wondered what one of your blog posts would look like before and after editing? Most bloggers have to self edit and may be able to use tools like Grammarly to help. However, if you are writing a post you’d like to get paid for and are just starting out, it wouldn’t hurt to have your work edited by another writer or editor friend.

Pro Tip: If you do edit your posts on your own, let them rest. If you write a rough draft on Monday, close the computer when you are done. Come back on Tuesday or Wednesday to re-read and then edit it. You’ll be amazed what errors you will catch with fresh eyes.

Start a Writing Group

8 Tips for Starting a Writing Group

By Amber Roshay

Writing and blogging can be a lonely business. Most of the time it’s you and womankind.  Cough. Cough. Okay, maybe you and your computer. Or you and the procrastinator who lives inside your head. Maybe you need a writing group.

Have you ever asked yourself, what's your relationship with creativity? Are you a writer with a complicated relationship with

What’s Your Relationship with Creativity?

By Melissa Uhles and Amber Roshay

Writers sometimes have a complicated relationship with creativity. That said, I think we are all natural makers of things. Maybe your creative outlet is writing, making art, filmmaking, sculpting, baking, or a few of these things combined.

Are you looking for writing inspiration? One of the best ways is to use writing prompts. Too simple, right? Not really. You have to check out these 5 compelling reasons using creative writing prompts for writers will help you overcome writer's block and writing a story that sells. Click through to read now. Or save to read later. #writingprompts #writinginspiration

Why Writing Prompts Will Inspire You to Write

By Amber Roshay 

One of the hardest parts of writing is that you actually have to write. I don’t know how many times, I’ve sat down to begin and then decided to check my email, get a cup of tea or have the urge to practice yoga in my seat. The reasons not to write seem to be more than the reasons to write. But what if I told you that using a writing prompt can spur you into action.

Are you looking for a writing schedule as a writer and blogger that really works? You've tried every writing tip you can find and nothing sticks. I was just like you. Until I discovered the secret to a consistent daily writing practice that works. And I want to inspire YOU. Click through to read now or save to read later. #writingschedule #writingtips

4 Benefits of Being a 4 a.m. Writer

By ​Amber Roshay​​​

Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them I get up at 4 a.m. In fact, I am a little crazy, but that’s beside the point. But that’s not why I get up so early. The real reason and perhaps the best reason why I’m up at 4 a.m. is that I get up to write. You read that right, I’m a 4 a.m. writer.

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Why I Want To Inspire You to Write

If inspiration were perfume, we’d all be wearing it. Daily. Spritzing as we went about our activities. But unfortunately, inspiration is a finicky character that picks and chooses when it rears its scented head. Sigh!

But what if I told you that I want to inspire you to write? Not only when you feel like it, but every day, like clock-work? What if I told you that you don’t need a perfume, what you need is determination.

SEO Tips for Bloggers

7 Actionable SEO Tips That Work Great in 2018

By Melissa Uhles

If you are a writer it’s important to know about SEO. So I’ve put together a list of 7 SEO tips for writers and bloggers. I hope you’ll find it helpful and will be able to integrate these ideas the next time you write something that will be published online.

Why write in 2018? Sometimes the benefits of being a writer are hard to remember when you're struggling to write, dealing with rejection or trying to find an agent, but five writers give honest truths on why they write and want to share them with you.

Why Write?

By Melissa Uhles

“I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.” - Ray Bradbury

Writing can be a hard slog. Do you have days where you ask yourself why write? I know I do. Maybe you’ve had days where you’ve wondered what the benefits of being a writer are. Sometimes I have to remind myself when I’m having one of those “dark nights of the soul” moments that there are good reasons I decided to write.

The truth about writing rejection is that's hard, but it's common. Most writers, whether you write books or freelance, deal with rejection on a daily basis. It's a part of being a creative person, but there are tips to help you overcome writing rejection. Click through to discover how or save to read later. @penandparent #writingtips #writingrejection

5 Brilliant Tips to Overcome Writing Rejections

By Melissa Uhles

Have you ever sent out a piece of writing you slaved over only to get that gut wrenching rejection email? I know I have. It’s not a nice feeling. But rejection, when you’re a writer is part of the game. Even if you self-publish or only post to your own blog, the absence of readers is another form of our good friend, rejection.

Do you want to write co-write a novel but don't know how to start? Discover the amazing benefits and tips on co-writing a novel today! ! #writeabook #bookwritingtips #writingtipsforbeginners

7 Ways You Will Benefit From Co-Writing a Book

by Melissa Uhles

Are you looking for tips on co-writing a novel? I have co-authored two books with Amber Roshay who is also my blogging partner. What I’ve learned is that co-writing can be like a marriage. It requires thoughtful regular communication, conflict resolution skills and a healthy dose of self-awareness. But the benefits can be immense!