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Investing Basics for Freelance Writers

Investment Basics for Freelance Writers

Melissa Uhles

Recently on one of my break-from-writing walks, I was listening to the Bad with Money Podcast. Erin Lowry of the Broke Millennial was discussing the basics of investing for retirement as a self-employed person. ​Her new book takes a deep dive into investing topics. It got me thinking about how freelance writers and parents need to know some basics of investing, if they don’t already.

how freelance writers can land clients

Why Freelance Writers Should Blog to Land Clients

This is a guest post by Amy-Lynn Denham

What would say if I told you that you can quickly and easily market yourself as a freelance writer to thousands of potential clients without spending a dime?  Would you believe me? As a freelance writer, you can cash in on a very unique marketing opportunity.

How to Set Your Freelance Writing Rates as a Newbie?

How to Set Your Freelance Writing Rates as a Newbie?

By Amber Roshay

The biggest challenge freelancers face is how to get paid what they're worth. Or even get paid to write. The writing marketplace is full of every range of writer from the newbie to the seasoned professional. So, how do you set your freelance writing rates as a newbie?