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how to write a novel

How I Wrote a Novel and You Can Too

By Melissa Uhles

Have you always dreamed of writing a novel? Have you written the first chapter and then moved on to other things because you were stuck? You are not alone. Writing a book is HARD!

Getting in your writing flow

How I Got My Writing Flow Back After Having Kids

This is a guest post by Bree Sutton

If you sometimes miss the days before kids when your writing flow was just there, you’ll surely relate to Bree’s story.

Do you wanna get your kids involved in reading and storytelling? Write a story together! How to write a story with your kid will give you ideas and activities that will get your kid writing. Comes with a FREE PRINTABLE - 16 Writing Activities For Kids. Click through to read now or save to read later. #writeastory #kidwritingactivities

How to Write a Story with Your Kid

One of the best ways to share your love of the written word is to get your kids involved in writing a story with you. Children are required to write stories while in school. With your enthusiasm, you can talk them into writing a story with you in their “free” time as well.