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Working Mom's Routine with Toddlers

Daily Schedule for a Working Mom’s Routine with Toddlers

As a working mom finding the right routine for taking care of toddlers can be tough. By the time you pick them up from daycare or preschool they’ve had a full day and so have you. But I’ve learned some tricks that make my working mom routine with toddlers easier.

Wondering how to travel with kids? Check out these sanity-saving travel tips that will make your next family trip fun and relaxing. Comes with a travel packing list free printable that you can use for babies, toddlers or kids of any age. Click through to read now or save to read later.

How to Travel with Kids During the Holidays

By Brigitte Evans

How do we know we’re deep in the season for holiday travel with babies and kids? Snow-covered driveways, traffic jams, cold feet, howling winds, and your runny nose from the cold you’ve had for weeks. Ah yes, winter is here and all the howling winds and bulky, shapeless jackets right along with it. 

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How to Overcome the Stigma of the Biting Toddler

The first time I saw my son bite someone was in music class. I looked over as he took a nibble on this kid’s arm. Granted, the kid had taken his drum, but still, I was surprised. The child caught my eye and seemed to say, are you just going to let him bite me? The moment quickly passed. 

Are you living with a twonager? Teens and toddlers have a lot in common. Check out this article to find out more.

Are You Living with a Twonager?

It occurred to me the other day, as my toddler held me hostage on our living room floor, that I might be raising a teenager. In one hand, I held his leg to keep him from scooting away with a butt smeared with poop and in the other the overflowing diaper.  The situation was precarious.More