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activities for school-aged kids

Summer Activities for School-Aged Kids

By Melissa Uhles

As a part time work from home mama of a fourth grader, May is when I start making summer plans. School days allow me lots of time to do my writing work. Then June comes along! Summer activities for school-aged kids can be harder to come across than activities for little kids. Around age 10, it starts to feel like tweens are caught in the in between. Even parks in the summer are filled with the under 5 crowd. So what’s a mom to do? 

Since it's no longer the 50s and my kid's now in grade school people are starting to wonder why I became a SAHM and what the heck I do with my time all day. Aren't you? Well, being a housewife AND a stay at home mom still takes A LOT of time. Plus, there's so many benefits to becoming a SAHM that I'm dying to share with you. #SAHM #Housewife

The Honest Truths from a SAHM

By Melissa Uhles

When my husband and I bought our first house together, our son was two. I was entrenched in my role as a stay at home mom (SAHM) and a 1950s Housewife, minus the jello molds.

When we filled out the paperwork at the title company, under occupation I wrote “homemaker”. It felt weird. There was now a paper trail stating that I was a “kept” woman. But I’d always thought of myself as an independent feminist woman. What happened? Why did I become a SAHM and housewife?

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Failing Forward: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Depression

By Tiffany Alexandria Ingle

I'll never forget the words my midwife spoke when I was struggling to bring my second child into the world.

"There's no place to run. The only place you can go is through it."