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money management for kids

Tips on Teaching Kids About Money Management

This is a guest post by Samantha Green from BusyKid.

A lot of parents constantly worry about the future of their children. And maybe that's why for many of them, talking to their kids about proper money management becomes second nature.

Investing Basics for Freelance Writers

Investment Basics for Freelance Writers

Melissa Uhles

Recently on one of my break-from-writing walks, I was listening to the Bad with Money Podcast. Erin Lowry of the Broke Millennial was discussing the basics of investing for retirement as a self-employed person. ​Her new book takes a deep dive into investing topics. It got me thinking about how freelance writers and parents need to know some basics of investing, if they don’t already.

How to Save Money Each Month

How to Seriously Save Money Each Month

Parents and writers are always looking for how to save money every month. But it can be hard to find ways to save the extra pennies. In fact, when I have extra change I worry that my kids might swallow it. So when I learned about a killer app that takes your spare change and invests it for you, I was curious.

frugal living/saving money tips

Mom Hacks: Incredible How to Save Money Tips

By Melissa Uhles

In my circle of friends and family I have a bit of a rep for being cheap, I mean frugal. This was originally born of necessity. When I was single in LA (an expensive city) doing a variety of low paying jobs, I had to be creatively frugal to survive; I had to learn how to save money. 


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kiddos and Spouses

 By Melissa Uhles

Looking for cheap gifts for your kids, spouse or partner this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered.

Grocery stores are brimming with chocolate heart confections. When you add flowers and dinner to all that, Valentine's Day can be hard on the wallet. Here's a solution: 12 gift ideas that will put a smile on your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or child’s face for under ten bucks.

Wondering how to holiday shop on a budget? These Christmas budget tips will make sure you have an awesome holiday season without breaking the bank. You also get a Christmas budget planner free printable that will make sure you do Christmas cheap. Click through to get your holiday shopping free printable or save to read/download later.

How to Holiday Shop on a Budget

By Melissa Uhles

Wouldn’t you like to save money and stress by sticking to a budget with your holiday shopping? I’m in the same boat. I was shocked when I read that, according to the American Research Group, American’s spend over $900 on holiday gifts. That’s a big chunk of change.