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Easter is around the corner. Are you looking for Easter basket ideas for your kids that don't include candy? Give the gift of a book instead of candy this Easter and you'll have fewer cavities and a more engaged kid. Click through to read now or save to read later. #easterbasketideas #giftideas

This Easter Give a Book Instead of a Basket

By Melissa Uhles

Easter is yet another holiday where kids get candy, but what if they got a book instead of a basket? No chocolate bunny, you ask?

Are you already stressed about your Spring Break travel plans with the kiddos? As a mom, I know how exciting the thought of a family vacation can seem, until the reality sets in of what to pack, how to entertain, and all the travel logistics. But I also know how to make traveling with kids fun and manageable. Check out my tips to make it a little easier. FREE TRAVEL PACKING LIST PRINTABLE #springbreaktravel #traveltipskids

4 Useful Tips for Spring Break Travel with Kids

by Melissa Uhles

Spring Break travel with kids can be fun. Okay, I’ll be honest, it can provide moments of fun. I’m sure you already know that there is bound to be a little chaos and stress associated with vacationing with little kids. 

That said, proper preparation will make the whole ordeal much easier. Do you have a baby, toddler, grade-schooler or all three? The following tips should make your trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Do you wanna get your kids involved in reading and storytelling? Write a story together! How to write a story with your kid will give you ideas and activities that will get your kid writing. Comes with a FREE PRINTABLE - 16 Writing Activities For Kids. Click through to read now or save to read later. #writeastory #kidwritingactivities

How to Write a Story with Your Kid

One of the best ways to share your love of the written word is to get your kids involved in writing a story with you. Children are required to write stories while in school. With your enthusiasm, you can talk them into writing a story with you in their “free” time as well.

Since it's no longer the 50s and my kid's now in grade school people are starting to wonder why I became a SAHM and what the heck I do with my time all day. Aren't you? Well, being a housewife AND a stay at home mom still takes A LOT of time. Plus, there's so many benefits to becoming a SAHM that I'm dying to share with you. #SAHM #Housewife

The Honest Truths from a SAHM

By Melissa Uhles

When my husband and I bought our first house together, our son was two. I was entrenched in my role as a stay at home mom (SAHM) and a 1950s Housewife, minus the jello molds.

When we filled out the paperwork at the title company, under occupation I wrote “homemaker”. It felt weird. There was now a paper trail stating that I was a “kept” woman. But I’d always thought of myself as an independent feminist woman. What happened? Why did I become a SAHM and housewife?


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kiddos and Spouses

 By Melissa Uhles

Looking for cheap gifts for your kids, spouse or partner this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered.

Grocery stores are brimming with chocolate heart confections. When you add flowers and dinner to all that, Valentine's Day can be hard on the wallet. Here's a solution: 12 gift ideas that will put a smile on your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or child’s face for under ten bucks.

Minimalism with kids is a practice that not only teaches families to live with less toys and stuff, but also creates a mindful mindset about consumerism. Check out these minimalism tips that will help you not only create a home free of clutter, but help you to raise mindful kids that appreciate experiences over toys. FREE KIDS WRITING PRINTABLE! #MinimalismWithKids

Practice Minimalism: Give Your Kids Less Toys

by Katie Ashton

Are you still recovering from the avalanche of gifts your children received over the holidays? Are you already dreading Valentine’s Day and Easter? If you answered yes to these questions, Katie’s story and tips below will inspire you to practice minimalism with kids.

Did you know that healthy dark chocolate has many health benefits for everyone, but even more so for parents and writers. Parents need quick snacks on-the-go and writers are sitting all the time. Check it this great article. Free dark chocolate recipe. #HealthyDarkChocolate #DarkChocolateRecipes

Discover the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

By Melissa Uhles

It’s that time of year when some of us writer/parents are trying to eat healthier. Recovering from holiday splurges may have you leaving things like chocolate in your rear-view mirror.

But wait! Save yourself some squares of healthy dark chocolate and you’ll thank me later.

What do you say to a child when a pet or a person they love dies? These tips will help parents provide support to their grieving child. Dealing with death is difficult, but teaching your kids how to grieve will make the process easier. #GrievingChild #DealingWithDeath

How to Support Your Grieving Child

By Melissa Uhles

Have you or your child lost a loved one? Are you grappling with what to say when a grandparent, sibling, parent or even a pet dies?

If so, I imagine you want to support your child by letting them know what grief is and that it’s a normal process for all of us when we lose someone we loved.

For some becoming pregnant over age 35 is scary, but there are many benefits of being an older mom. In this article, I'll give you tips from an older mom on the honest truths of raising children with a few extra wrinkles and a little more wisdom. Comes with a free children's book about an introverted skunk. Click now to read or save to read later. #beinganoldermom #oldermomspregnancy #oldermomtips

The Misconceptions of Being an Older Mom

Following is a guest post by Humilta Abigail Holmes (From the Writing Box)

How do I know anything about being an older mom? Well, I became pregnant at the age of 38. That’s older than the average woman is when she becomes pregnant for the first time.
Are you interested in making money online by designing and selling products on Zazzle? Zazzle allows you to create custom gifts for your business, website or family in minutes. You can make t-shirts, mugs, journals, and more without any design skills. Start making extra money now or send loved ones a gift designed for them. Save to read later or click through now. Comes with an FREE Budget Printable #making money online #selling products on Zazzle

How to Make Extra Money with Zazzle

By Melissa Uhles

Have you ever wanted to create customized gifts or products with your own designs or art-work?

In years past I’ve had fun creating custom gifts on sites like Vistaprint and Shutterfly. But this year I wanted a site where I could design products that could be gifts but also make products available for sale to our blog readers.