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For some becoming pregnant over age 35 is scary, but there are many benefits of being an older mom. In this article, I'll give you tips from an older mom on the honest truths of raising children with a few extra wrinkles and a little more wisdom. Comes with a free children's book about an introverted skunk. Click now to read or save to read later. #beinganoldermom #oldermomspregnancy #oldermomtips

The Misconceptions of Being an Older Mom

Following is a guest post by Humilta Abigail Holmes (From the Writing Box)

How do I know anything about being an older mom? Well, I became pregnant at the age of 38. That’s older than the average woman is when she becomes pregnant for the first time.
25 super helpful fitness tips for moms to lose the baby weight fast. Find motivation and work out tips to encourage weight loss. Check out or save to read later. #FitnessForMoms

How to Lose the Baby Weight Fast

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By Amber Roshay
Updated 5/27/18

Three months after giving birth to my son I decided I needed to lose the baby weight. I was still wearing maternity clothes. Not to mention that I never wanted to see myself in pictures, and I lacked energy for the most simple tasks.

A fellow mom friend told me that losing the baby weight took her years. She wished that she had made the effort earlier because she’d gotten used to the extra love. I decided then that I wanted to lose the 50 plus pounds I had packed on. I didn’t want to get used to me being a whole lotta woman.

Are you dealing with infertility? Or know someone who is? You're not alone. Check out this article on the true cost of infertility.

Infertility: One Woman’s True Story

By Amber Roshay
Originally published on

As a young adult, I lived in fear of pregnancy. In the small town where I’m from, enough girls became pregnant in high school that the saying “it’s in the water” wasn’t just a funny joke. Way before I became sexually active I knew having a baby young changed your life choices. I had ambitions. I wanted to go to college. I wanted to travel the world. I also believed I could have children later in life. My father had a friend who had a baby at 40. Her success left quite an impression on my twelve-year-old self. If she could do it, so could I.