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6 Helpful books for parents of school aged kids

6 Helpful Books For Parents of School-Aged Kids

By Melissa Uhles

I've been reading like crazy over the last few months. Whenever I hear about a good book I save it to my Amazon or library wishlist. Lately I've read some super thought-provoking parenting books. When I read something I feel like I have to share it!

Following are 6 helpful books for parents of school-aged kids.

10 YA Books with all the feels

10 YA/Teen Books with All the Feels

If you like reading a YA book with “all the feels”, this post is for you!

This summer, I decided to attempt writing a YA book even though I’d never written in that genre before.
Are you looking for great books to read this fall? Then you have to check out my book club roundup. I've included five books I know you'll love reading. Perfect fall reading! Discover them now!

Book Club Roundup: 5 Books You’ll Love

By Melissa Uhles

Are you in a book club? If so, good news! I plan to regularly let you know about books I think you’ll love. Now you can share this list with your book club, start your own book club or just read these books by yourself.

Are you an introverted parent or have an introverted child? Do you want to understand introverted moms and children personality types by reading books for introverted parents and kids? These best books for introverted people will help you thrive as a parent and teach your child to grow strong in an extroverted world. Check them out or save to read later. FREE PRINTABLE - Children's Book about an Introverted Skunk.

The Best Books for Introverted Parents & Kids

By Melissa Uhles

Are you an introverted parent or have an introverted child?  Ask yourself these questions.

Easter is around the corner. Are you looking for Easter basket ideas for your kids that don't include candy? Give the gift of a book instead of candy this Easter and you'll have fewer cavities and a more engaged kid. Click through to read now or save to read later. #easterbasketideas #giftideas

The Ultimate Reading Guide to Boost Girl Power

By Melissa Uhles and Amber Roshay

Raising strong girls is on the minds of most parents. One way to help accomplish this is to line your daughter's bookshelf with books that will boost girl power. Young girls need to read stories with characters they not only connect to but also provide a reflection of leadership, strength, and perseverance.

Want to become a better writer? Click through to discover the best writing books for authors, screenwriters, and blogger. #writingbooks | books for writers | writing tips and resources | novel writing tips | self-publishing tips

The Must-Have Books for Writers

By Melissa Uhles

When it comes to writing, I’ve had my pen in lots of different pots.

I’ve written novels, short films, plays, blogs, marketing, and web copy. Each time I dive into a new type of writing I try to read a book or two to get some advice. For example, writing a novel is vastly different from writing a screenplay.

And writing informational nonfiction for a small business’s website that is concerned with their SEO also requires a different skill set.

Aren’t we all lucky there is a book on every subject to help us out.

Here are my 12 favorites: