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So you keep seeing all these gorgeous Pinterest pins, but you have no idea how to make them. I can tell you the secret to making beautiful Pinterest pins in PicMonkey that will increase traffic to your website. You don't need any design skills and creating the pins will take minutes. Most blog posts will give you only basic design elements, but I'll give you easy to follow yet detailed instructions with quick video tutorials. Plus, lots of freebies. #howtomakepinterestpins #howtocreatepinterestpininPicMonkey.

How to Create Gorgeous Pinterest Images Easily

Updated 5/20/18

Are you having trouble creating a gorgeous pin for Pinterest? I know I did. You’ve spent hours crafting a perfect blog post with amazing content, only to have it go nowhere. The only sound on your blog is internet crickets. Well, I'm going to tell you the secret of how to make a beautiful Pinterest pin in minutes. 

Do you want to be a successful mom blogger AND be a successful mom to your kids? The secret to success is to create a daily schedule that helps you prioritize and reach your goals. In 2018, you will have the work and life balance you deserve. Download your free printable. #createabloggingschedule #successfulmomblogger #reachyourgoals #freeprintable #successfulmom

How to Create a Schedule as a Mom Blogger

By Jessica Szekalski, Sane Momma Blogger

One of my greatest challenges over the last year has been to find a schedule that allows me to be a successful mom blogger, and an even more successful mom.

Through all the changes that a new mom endures over the first year, I have managed to not only create and stick to a schedule, but find one that provides the flexibility I need to make my son the top priority. 


Are you looking for the best writing websites for writers right now? These online writing websites will give you great information on the craft of writing, self-publishing, freelance writing, making money with your writing and more. You have to check them out or save to read later. Click through to get your free ebook on How to Make a Living as a Writer.

The Best Writing Websites for Writers Right Now

Updated 6/10/18

By Melissa Uhles

Are you an author already or would you like to become one? There’s so much to learn once you start down this path. I had my first novel published in 2015. Now I have five books out and hope to keep writing them. Over the past few years I’ve discovered some the best writing websites for writers that have become long-term resources for me as an author. 

Are you interested in making money online by designing and selling products on Zazzle? Zazzle allows you to create custom gifts for your business, website or family in minutes. You can make t-shirts, mugs, journals, and more without any design skills. Start making extra money now or send loved ones a gift designed for them. Save to read later or click through now. Comes with an FREE Budget Printable #making money online #selling products on Zazzle

How to Make Extra Money with Zazzle

By Melissa Uhles

Have you ever wanted to create customized gifts or products with your own designs or art-work?

In years past I’ve had fun creating custom gifts on sites like Vistaprint and Shutterfly. But this year I wanted a site where I could design products that could be gifts but also make products available for sale to our blog readers. 

Do you want to know how to move from a free website to self-hosted? Are you tired of all the limitations of your free website on and want to move to, but aren't sure how? A self-hosted blog will allow you to monetize, brand, add plugins, and more. It's easier than you think. Follow these simple steps of self-hosting on Bluehost with your wordpress blog. Click through or save to read later. @penandparent

Starting a Blog: Hosted vs. Self-Hosted on WordPress

Are you tired of all the limitations of a free website? Do you want to move from a free website to self-hosted but not sure how? Well, it’s easier than you think, if you follow these simple steps. 

Making lots of money blogging takes time, but there key steps that will help you monetize and grow your blog from the beginning.

How to Make Lots of Money Blogging

These twelve steps will help set up your blog for financial success

By Melissa Uhles

Are you creating a blog or a business? Do you want to make money blogging?

Before creating Pen and Parent, Amber and I had personal hobby blogs for years. We’d also written a novel together. But we wanted to build a profitable business while using our writing skills. We’re also both parents. So we dreamed of helping people like us. That’s why our blog now provides helpful information and a community for parents and writers.

Pen and Parent is the place to slay parenting and writing. Join our free writing challenge and write 3k in 3 days even while watching kids!

18 Seriously Awesome Publications Looking for Freelance Writers

Updated 9/08/18

By Amber Roshay

Do you want to get paid to write about your kids? 

But, don't know where to start?

I know I was like that at first. I searched for hours to find paying publications that fit my niche. I wanted all the information at hand.

So, I created a list of 18 Parenting Magazines, Websites & Blogs that Pay Freelance Writers. Having this information really jump started my writing career