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How to ask bloggers for links and shares

How to Ask Bloggers and Influencers for Links and Shares

By Melissa Uhles

Are you a blogger or influencer flooded with email requests? Are you a company looking for shares or links from influencers? If you answered yes, this post is for you!

how freelance writers can land clients

Why Freelance Writers Should Blog to Land Clients

This is a guest post by Amy-Lynn Denham

What would say if I told you that you can quickly and easily market yourself as a freelance writer to thousands of potential clients without spending a dime?  Would you believe me? As a freelance writer, you can cash in on a very unique marketing opportunity.

Are you looking for ways to make money writing? You have to check out these smart ways to turn your writing side hustle into a bustling writing career. #writingjobs #writingcareers

8 Simple Ways to Make Money with Your Writing

So you think you have a hidden Jane Austen within you? You can romanticize the simplest of statements, and written words are your forte! Well then, what’s stopping you from following a writing career? Oh yeah, real life commitments.

Turns out that Jane, as much of a literature prodigy as she was, never really got married or had any children. She could dedicate all of her days and nights to writing, as she precisely did, touching people’s hearts as such.

Good writing means that you eliminate unnecessary words like prepositions. Find out why. #grammartips #writingtips

Reduce Prepositions for Writing Clarity

By Amber Roshay

If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.” –George Orwell

I’m sure you've read that good writing means less is more. Well, this concept applies to prepositions as well. Some examples of prepositions are: with, at, in, on, about, around and so on. Prepositions connect ideas, describe the position of something or when it happens. They are usually before nouns or pronouns and explain how the preposition relates to the rest of the sentence.

Struggling with how to grow your email list using Pinterest? There’s a secret every blogger should know and it will shock you! Pinterest tips for business, Pinterest for bloggers, Step by step how to make money on Pinterest @penandparent #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #blog #blogging #pinterestmarketingtips #pintereststrategy

The Secret to Growing Your Email List Using PInterest

The fact is we live in a digital world and writers need to have a strong email list to sell their books. But how to grow your email list? Maybe you’ve read from countless bloggers and writers that Pinterest is THE BEST WAY to increase your website traffic and grow your email list. But you're struggling. Well, you don't have to. There’s a secret every blogger and writer should know, and it will rock your world!  


Dear Facebook, Stop Acting Like My Crazy Ex-Boyfriend

By Melissa Uhles

Facebook, why are you so needy, asking me weird questions? Stop acting like my crazy ex-boyfriend. You already have enough of my data.

hire a content creator

5 Reasons to Hire a Content Creator for Your Blog

By Melissa Uhles

How do you know when it’s time to hire a content creator or writer? Have you grown your blog to the point where advertising, affiliate links and your own products are are bringing in regular revenue? Do you have a small business that could be bringing in more leads if only you had time to get regular content up on your site?

before and after editing a blog post

A Blog Post “Before” and “After” Editing

By Melissa Uhles and Kim Poteat

Have you wondered what one of your blog posts would look like before and after editing? Most bloggers have to self edit and may be able to use tools like Grammarly to help. However, if you are writing a post you’d like to get paid for and are just starting out, it wouldn’t hurt to have your work edited by another writer or editor friend.

Pro Tip: If you do edit your posts on your own, let them rest. If you write a rough draft on Monday, close the computer when you are done. Come back on Tuesday or Wednesday to re-read and then edit it. You’ll be amazed what errors you will catch with fresh eyes.

Start a Writing Group

8 Tips for Starting a Writing Group

By Amber Roshay

Writing and blogging can be a lonely business. Most of the time it’s you and womankind.  Cough. Cough. Okay, maybe you and your computer. Or you and the procrastinator who lives inside your head. Maybe you need a writing group.

Are you trying to decide on a profitable blogging niche? Take a look at these 5 blogging niches for moms that make money and drive traffic. Making money blogging is easier than you think. Click through to read or save to read later. #makemoneyblogging #profitableblogniches

Make Money Blogging With These 5 Niches

By Melissa Uhles

Are you on the verge of starting a blog but don’t know what niche to choose? You probably want to pick one of the profitable blog niches for moms so that your content creation efforts will pay off. I’ve done some digging to find some examples of profitable blogs in a variety of niches.

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