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As a mom do you have a hard time finding time to shop for yourself Check out this article on how to shop for stylish clothes easily.

How this Busy Mom Shops with Stylish Ease

Finding time as a busy mom to shop for new clothes rarely happens. Not to mention, nothing is more exhausting than shopping with a toddler and an infant. But nothing I had in my closet fit me. I had lost 30 pounds. Now, I know this doesn’t sound like a problem, but nothing I owned was the right size. The other day my son pointed to me wearing white pants and said ghost. All I needed to do was carve out some eyes.

So, I decided to try Stitchfix. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Stichfix, it’s a clothing subscription program. Basically, they send you five items of clothing and you buy what you keep. You decide how often you want to subscribe – either by scheduling a delivery or by subscribing monthly, bi-monthly, etc.   I go more into the ins and outs below.

I received my first “fix” yesterday. I loved it.

Okay, not at first. I had high expectations. The items, first out the box, didn’t impress me. But then, I tried them on. All of them fit perfectly.  I was no longer a ghost.

The stylist chose a few items that I would have chosen on my own and a few that didn’t appeal to me at first. However, all looked great on. Besides being a busy mom, I decided to try Stichfix because I always end up buying the same styles. I’m a creature of habit. I wanted a professional to dress me. I wanted to experience what it felt like to receive a makeover by someone with a true eye for style.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The pieces I ended up buying received lots of compliments and are easy to pair with other things. As a busy mom, I found a way to shop with stylish ease.

I also loved how the pieces were from brands I didn’t recognize but are on Etsy or from lesser known or upcoming designers. My closet is full of the Banana Republic and Target (both stores I love), but I wouldn’t call them trendy or unique. Since I’ve become a mom, I’m prone to flip-flops and hair ties. They’ve become my signature style. Sigh. 

Stitchfix made me look and feel fashionable without leaving the house. My kids are way more in-style than me. In fact, my son gets compliments on his clothes all the time. And he’s two. I’m really glad that I decided to do something for myself. I forget sometimes that it’s okay to buy clothing other than for my children. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in Target calculating the cost of the items in my cart and putting back the ones for me.

So, Stichfix made it easy to shop for stylish clothes that looked stunning. I truly was amazed at how well everything fit. What I didn’t like was that the tops were billowy, but this was more of what’s in-style now, not with a problem of size. I was finally able to stop wearing maternity clothes, and I wanted to show off a little.

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I did end up purchasing a beautiful red-flowered work blouse and a blue and white wrap dress. The dress managed to hide my mama muffin top while also giving me a waist. Can we say heck yeah! The blouse paired nicely with a pair of pink skinny jeans (pants I bought pre-kids) and my favorite red Dooney & Burke purse.  The following week my maternity leave ended, so I wanted a few new work outfits.

I will say that I was tempted to buy all five items because of the 25 percent discount. But the necklace they sent me easily tangled and the white skinny jeans would have been covered in toddler grub in seconds.

I slipped the unwanted items in the enclosed shipping bag and dropped them off at a postal place a block from my house. The whole process was fun and easy.

I finally found a way for this busy mom to find time to shop!

I highly recommend trying Stitchfix.

I will be honest and tell you that if you get a fix through my recommendation, I will receive a bonus, but I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t really love. As a busy mom, I never would have taken the time to find such great clothes for myself.

And you don’t have to buy anything. Although, they do charge you a $20 styling fee; the cost goes towards any item you purchase. You can also tell them what the price range you’re willing to pay for each item before they ship. Basically, I told them that for tops and bottoms I would be willing to pay between $25 – $50, but for shoes and jackets $50 – $100. They try to make the service fit all budgets.

This is how Stichfix works.

  1. You sign up with your Facebook Account or email address
  2. Answer a detailed questionnaire about your fashion choices
  3. Write a personal note to your stylist with any special requests
  4. Choose the price range for each item
  5. Choose when to get your fix
  6. Wait for it to arrive

Fix Details

  1. Once it does, you have three days to choose the items you like
  2. They will send you five items. If you buy all five, you get a 25 percent discount.
  3. Shipping is free both ways
  4. Send a note to your stylist telling him/her what you liked or didn’t like for next time


  1. Be honest with your stylist. Give him/her detailed feedback on what you like/dislike. Don’t be afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings. In your feedback, give specific reasons for not liking an item or tell them about an upcoming event you need to dress for. I mentioned that I really wanted a new pair of jeans for next time. I also told them that I wanted summer pastel colors and clothing that I can wear to in and out of work. San Diego, where I live, is pretty casual.
  2. If you don’t like what they sent you at all, request a new stylist. You’re the one in charge and a new stylist might dress you perfectly. My stylist was great, but I had a friend who didn’t like hers, and she requested a new one. The second fix was awesome. Every time I see her in one of the dresses she bought, I think how amazing she looks.
  3. Create a Pinterest board for Stitchfix. You can pin styles you love. Share this board with your account. Your stylist can check the board for inspiration. I have a board. You can follow it on Pinterest. We can pin together.
  4. Choose items that will go with other clothes in your closet. This way you can make a few different outfits at once. Since I rarely buy clothing for myself I tried to follow this advice.

I would love to connect further with you. What’s your favorite thing about Stitchfix? Any other recommendations for busy parents who don’t have time to shop for themselves? Leave a comment below.

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