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Are you looking for parenting tips on how to survive the summer with your kids? You have to check out these tips for great suggestions on what to do with your kids this summer so that everyone is happy. Click through now or save to read later. #summeractivities

Surviving Summer with Kids is Easy if You Follow this Advice

Parenting is hard enough during the school year when a teacher is looking after your child for part of the day.  Sadly, the end of spring can signal a time of panic and pending doom for parents. Simultaneously, children are pining for the end of school and months of fun in the sun. Finding ways to survive summer with kids can be challenging but with a little help can be easier than you think. More

As a mom do you have a hard time finding time to shop for yourself Check out this article on how to shop for stylish clothes easily.

How this Busy Mom Shops with Stylish Ease

Finding time as a busy mom to shop for new clothes rarely happens. Not to mention, nothing is more exhausting than shopping with a toddler and an infant. But nothing I had in my closet fit me. I had lost 30 pounds. Now, I know this doesn’t sound like a problem, but nothing I owned was the right size. The other day my son pointed to me wearing white pants and said ghost. All I needed to do was carve out some eyes.More

Being an introvert can be hard, especially if you have kids. Check out this blog to find out how you can survive playdates and make your kid happy.

How to Survive Playdates for Introverted Parents

by Melissa Uhles

Do you need alone time to recharge after socializing with new people and their children? Are you a one-on-one type of gal? Do you spend a lot of time thinking deep thoughts? If you answered yes, you may be an introvert. So how are introverts like us supposed to survive the social landmine known as the playdateMore

Are you dealing with infertility? Or know someone who is? You're not alone. Check out this article on the true cost of infertility.

Infertility: One Woman’s True Story

By Amber Roshay
Originally published on Parent.co

As a young adult, I lived in fear of pregnancy. In the small town where I’m from, enough girls became pregnant in high school that the saying “it’s in the water” wasn’t just a funny joke. Way before I became sexually active I knew having a baby young changed your life choices. I had ambitions. I wanted to go to college. I wanted to travel the world. I also believed I could have children later in life. My father had a friend who had a baby at 40. Her success left quite an impression on my twelve-year-old self. If she could do it, so could I.

How to write with Kids Underfoot |writing tips for people with kids

How to Write with a Kid Underfoot

With summer upon us, it seemed like a perfect time to share how to write with a kid “underfoot”. As a part-time work-from-home mom, I get so much done during the school year but when summer comes around it can feel like all bets are off.More

Are you living with a twonager? Teens and toddlers have a lot in common. Check out this article to find out more.

Are You Living with a Twonager?

It occurred to me the other day, as my toddler held me hostage on our living room floor, that I might be raising a teenager. In one hand, I held his leg to keep him from scooting away with a butt smeared with poop and in the other the overflowing diaper.  The situation was precarious.More

changing from bottle to sippy

How to NOT Take Away the Bottle from Your Toddler

My son declared a milk strike. He stared defiantly into my husband’s eyes over the rim of his sippy cup. "Go ahead. Make me drink," he seemed to say. I watched from a distance, not daring to get involved. One toddler against milk-kind, and I wasn’t sure who would win.

Do you find yourself always having to qualify that you love your children when you complain about them? This post is for you!

Why Moms Don’t Need To make Excuses For Complaining

Moms need to complain about their kids. But they don’t need to qualify or make excuses for this common form of release. Before I became a mom, my best friend told me that she was excited about the weekend because she was going to be away from her kids. I have to admit, I judged her a little bit. Fast forward to two kids later, and I know exactly how she feels. I love my children, but there are times I can’t wait to get away from them.More

Breastfeeding can be tough for any mom. But even tougher if your baby has a tongue-tie. Find out about this little known common problem and how to overcome it like a boss mom.

How to Solve the Problem of Breastfeeding with a Tongue-Tied Baby

The lactation consultant stared down at my chest and declared, “Yep, she’s gonna have to grow into them.” ‘Them’ being my nipples.  I cringed.

I’d never really contemplated the size of my nipples up until my breastfeeding woes began. They were bigger than most, perhaps the size of nickels on lily pads, but not so big they couldn’t fit into my newborn’s mouth. Yet, she wasn’t gaining weight.More

Hosting a giveaway can be a great tool for the writer. But what service to use? Check out this great article on the pros and cons of Rafflecopter.

Beginners Guide to Using Rafflecopter to Host Giveaways

Rafflecopter, a well-known giveaway site, helps businesses and individuals promote their products and services. The main way they do this is through hosting giveaways. When I first began to run giveaways to promote my writing, I had no idea what service to use. The first one I stumbled upon was Rafflecopter.

Below is an honest review of their services.More