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Where to publish your romance novel? 22 Romance Publishers Seeking Unsolicited Manuscripts.

Where to Submit your Romance Novel: 22 Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

​Updated 6/10/18
By Melissa Uhles

If there is one thing I’ve learned a lot about in the past two years, it’s who publishes romance novels. I’ve been through the submissions process three times so far. One of my books sold to a small press after participating in a Twitter pitchfest called #Pit2Pub. Prior to that, I had gone the traditional route. I wrote a query letter, synopsis and read each romance publisher’s guidelines before sending off my hopes and dreams.

Have you ever started a writing project and never finished it? Learn how to successfully finish your novel's first draft by following these six simple steps. Click through to learn how.

A Successful Writer’s Tips for Always Finishing Your First Draft

I hope you enjoy this guest post by my author friend Lindsay. She’s written eight novels and has a knack for telling a true-to-life love story. We hope her five tips will help you get your Novel’s first draft nailed down.

Need to get ready for the new baby? Check out this baby registry list of must-have baby products that help you become prepared for your little one to come home.

Must-Have Baby Registry Items Worth the Money

As I planned for the arrival of my little one, I had no idea what essentials to buy before bringing the baby home . In fact, I was completely overwhelmed. I was one of those new moms that didn’t even know how to change a diaper, let alone know what a swaddle was or even how to use one. Then friends and family kept asking me if I had a baby registry, and I started to sweat. 

How to Write a Short Film

6 Questions to Ask Before Writing a Short Film

Years ago, when I lived in LA, I wrote my first short film. A good friend was working with a small crew with a goal to shoot something short every weekend. He asked me if I wanted to write and act in a project for him. I jumped at the chance. What resulted was a short film about five minutes long that shot in three nearby locations. Two other friends acted for free. It was a long day of fun and hard work and a no-budget project.

Fast forward about ten years, and I had moved to Portland. I'd become deeply immersed in stay-at-home motherhood. My writing had taken a backseat to full time nurturing. Then one day, In a mom's group I met Natasha. She'd also had some acting experience but wanted to get some more experience directing, editing and doing her cinematography.

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18 Seriously Awesome Publications Looking for Freelance Writers

Updated 9/08/18

By Amber Roshay

Do you want to get paid to write about your kids? 

But, don't know where to start?

I know I was like that at first. I searched for hours to find paying publications that fit my niche. I wanted all the information at hand.

So, I created a list of 18 Parenting Magazines, Websites & Blogs that Pay Freelance Writers. Having this information really jump started my writing career

Want to save money on back-to-school supplies? Learn about back-to-school shopping saving tips that work.

How to Save LOTS of Money on Back-to-School Shopping

By Melissa Uhles

Are you looking for back-to-school shopping shopping tips?

When I was a kid my grandmother took me to what she’d called “The Dime Store” for supplies. The smell of rubber glue and feel of kid-size scissors filled me with a sense of great creative possibility.

25 super helpful fitness tips for moms to lose the baby weight fast. Find motivation and work out tips to encourage weight loss. Check out or save to read later. #FitnessForMoms

How to Lose the Baby Weight Fast

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By Amber Roshay
Updated 5/27/18

Three months after giving birth to my son I decided I needed to lose the baby weight. I was still wearing maternity clothes. Not to mention that I never wanted to see myself in pictures, and I lacked energy for the most simple tasks.

A fellow mom friend told me that losing the baby weight took her years. She wished that she had made the effort earlier because she’d gotten used to the extra love. I decided then that I wanted to lose the 50 plus pounds I had packed on. I didn’t want to get used to me being a whole lotta woman.

Want to become a better writer? Click through to discover the best writing books for authors, screenwriters, and blogger. #writingbooks | books for writers | writing tips and resources | novel writing tips | self-publishing tips @penandparent.com

The Must-Have Books for Writers

By Melissa Uhles

When it comes to writing, I’ve had my pen in lots of different pots.

I’ve written novels, short films, plays, blogs, marketing, and web copy. Each time I dive into a new type of writing I try to read a book or two to get some advice. For example, writing a novel is vastly different from writing a screenplay.

And writing informational nonfiction for a small business’s website that is concerned with their SEO also requires a different skill set.

Aren’t we all lucky there is a book on every subject to help us out.

Here are my 12 favorites:

Are you looking for parenting tips on how to survive the summer with your kids? You have to check out these tips for great suggestions on what to do with your kids this summer so that everyone is happy. Click through now or save to read later. #summeractivities

Surviving Summer with Kids is Easy if You Follow this Advice

Parenting is hard enough during the school year when a teacher is looking after your child for part of the day.  Sadly, the end of spring can signal a time of panic and pending doom for parents. Simultaneously, children are pining for the end of school and months of fun in the sun. Finding ways to survive summer with kids can be challenging but with a little help can be easier than you think. More

As a mom do you have a hard time finding time to shop for yourself Check out this article on how to shop for stylish clothes easily.

How this Busy Mom Shops with Stylish Ease

Finding time as a busy mom to shop for new clothes rarely happens. Not to mention, nothing is more exhausting than shopping with a toddler and an infant. But nothing I had in my closet fit me. I had lost 30 pounds. Now, I know this doesn’t sound like a problem, but nothing I owned was the right size. The other day my son pointed to me wearing white pants and said ghost. All I needed to do was carve out some eyes.More