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How to Move From a Free Website to Self-hosted

Do you want to know how to move from a free website to self-hosted? Are you tired of all the limitations of your free website on and want to move to, but aren't sure how? A self-hosted blog will allow you to monetize, brand, add plugins, and more. It's easier than you think. Follow these simple steps of self-hosting on Bluehost with your wordpress blog. Click through or save to read later. @penandparent

Are you tired of all the limitations of a free website? Do you want to move from a free website to self-hosted but not sure how? Well, it’s easier than you think, if you follow these simple steps. 


How to Travel with Kids During the Holidays

Wondering how to travel with kids? Check out these sanity-saving travel tips that will make your next family trip fun and relaxing. Comes with a travel packing list free printable that you can use for babies, toddlers or kids of any age. Click through to read now or save to read later.

By Brigitte Evans

How do we know we’re deep in the season for holiday travel with babies and kids? Snow-covered driveways, traffic jams, cold feet, howling winds, and your runny nose from the cold you’ve had for weeks. Ah yes, winter is here and all the howling winds and bulky, shapeless jackets right along with it. 


How to Holiday Shop on a Budget

Wondering how to holiday shop on a budget? These Christmas budget tips will make sure you have an awesome holiday season without breaking the bank. You also get a Christmas budget planner free printable that will make sure you do Christmas cheap. Click through to get your holiday shopping free printable or save to read/download later.

By Melissa Uhles

Wouldn’t you like to save money and stress by sticking to a budget with your holiday shopping? I’m in the same boat. I was shocked when I read that, according to the American Research Group, American’s spend over $900 on holiday gifts. That’s a big chunk of change.


Failing Forward: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Depression

Did you know that entrepreneurial depression is common? You work hard to grow your business only to become overwhelmed or frustrated. Worse your mental health suffers. But, there is help. If you suffer from this, please check out these tips on how to overcome entrepreneurial depression. Click now or save to read later. |overcoming entrepreneurial depression| how to overcome depression tips| how to overcome depression tips people | how to overcome depression tips mental health

By Tiffany Alexandria Ingle

I'll never forget the words my midwife spoke when I was struggling to bring my second child into the world.

"There's no place to run. The only place you can go is through it."


The Best Books for Introverted Parents & Kids

Are you an introverted parent or have an introverted child? Do you want to understand introverted moms and children personality types by reading books for introverted parents and kids? These best books for introverted people will help you thrive as a parent and teach your child to grow strong in an extroverted world. Check them out or save to read later. FREE PRINTABLE - Children's Book about an Introverted Skunk.

By Melissa Uhles

Are you an introverted parent or have an introverted child?  Ask yourself these questions.


Spatial Parenting Series Part 1: The First Steps to a More Sustainable Home Shift

Spatial parenting, spatial awareness, how to organize your home in style, the first steps to a more sustainable home shift, how to transform your home, how to create a home that fits your design style and fits your kids, how to get rid of the clutter, how to easily organize your home, easily organize your home in 30 days, become clutter free in 7 days, easily get rid of the clutter

By Robin Shawver

In the first post for this series “Spatial Awareness Leads to Spatial Parenting” I talked about how being mindful of the home environment you create affects yourself and your family. Spatial awareness isn’t just a matter of figuring out what you don’t need or what you have too much of.

It’s a practice. It is a skill learned over time where you can truly see the space you call home and how you and your family use that space. 


How to Start a Gratitude Journal for an Amazing Life

Do you want to be happier and healthier? Start a gratitude journal for an amazing life. Check out this informative article

By Melissa Uhles

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it got me thinking about what I’m grateful for. Each year before tearing into turkey I ask my family to tell us about one thing that they are grateful for. It’s interesting to see that no one’s response is immediate, it takes time for the good stuff to rise to the top of  mind sometimes.


When Your Child is the Biter

When your child is the biter, how to overcome the stigma of a biting toddler and what to do about it, how to stop your kid from biting, why toddlers bite, steps to stop kids from biting, why do kids bite, is it common for toddlers to bite, why biting is bad, reasons for biting, why does my kid bite, tips to help kids to stop biting

The first time I saw my son bite someone was in music class. I looked over as he took a nibble on this kid’s arm. Granted, the kid had taken his drum, but still, I was surprised. The child caught my eye and seemed to say, are you just going to let him bite me? The moment quickly passed. 


How to Launch a Book in Five Easy Steps

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By Melissa Uhles

Amber (my Pen and Parent co-blogger) and I are launching our second co-authored book. It was written with you all in mind. Parents who write may eventually want to publish and make some money with their creative labors.


The Best Gift Ideas for Writers

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By Melissa Uhles

On our Pen and Parent Facebook Page we were discussing good gift ideas for writers. With the holidays around the corner don’t writer/parents deserve something nice for themselves?

If your extended family is anything like mine they like to get “wish lists” from everyone to take some of the guess work out of shopping. So now you’ll be able to present them with a wish list, which is really doing them a big favor, right?

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