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How to Increase Your Child’s Math Skills by Making a Tangram

how to increase your childs' math skills, what is a tangram, meeting common core math standards, parents teaching their child math

Math plays an important role in any child's development. Unfortunately, math can be challenging for a lot of kids. But, what if there was a fun way to introduce geometry while playing? One way is to create a Tangram.


How to Thrive as a Disabled Single Mom

single mom, disabled mom, how to parent as a single mom, parenting, motherhood, how to survive as a disabled mom, raising your kids

By H.N. Williams

I cringed as I was making my way down the hill. We were descending down an even steeper part of the decline and already I regretted not bringing both of my walking sticks. I could feel my feet slide as I grasped onto my one stick and gently reminded Danny to slow down just a tad bit so that I didn’t fall. Danny gave a slight nod and proceeded to walk slowly with my other hand holding onto him. I tensed up as I felt my feet slide ever so slightly on the gravelly walkway as onlookers curiously watch us.


How to Get Your Baby to Sleep: Products that Help

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The worst thing you can do to a parent is deprive them of sleep. Yet, babies accomplish this right from day one. How to get your baby to sleep through the night is a question every parent asks. Not just once, but many times. And just when you think you have it figured out, something changes. But, there are sleep solutions and baby products that help you and your baby rest peacefully. 

How to Make Lots of Money Blogging

make lots of money blogging, steps to making a money-making blog, tips to becoming a successful blogger

These twelve steps will help set up your blog for financial success

By Melissa Uhles

Are you creating a blog or a business? Do you want to make money blogging?

Before creating Pen and Parent, Amber and I had personal hobby blogs for years. We’d also written a novel together. But we wanted to build a profitable business while using our writing skills. We’re also both parents. So we dreamed of helping people like us. That’s why our blog now provides helpful information and a community for parents and writers.


How to Start a Successful Podcast

Christine Blackburn, Creator of the Story Worthy Podcast, how to start a podcast, steps to create a podcast

by Christine Blackburn, Creator of the Story Worthy Podcast

I recently celebrated the 7th year anniversary of the second love of my life, my podcast Story Worthy. It is a weekly show featuring Hollywood's most creative talents telling true stories followed by a discussion. It’s funny, insightful and addictive (if I do say so myself!)


10 Twitter Pitch Party Success Tips

10 Twitter Pitch Party Success Tips, How to pitch your manuscript on Twitter, pitchmad, writers finding agents on twitter, how to find an agent, connect with publishers, get published

By Melissa Uhles

#PB Pitch

Do those hashtags mean anything to you? They didn’t to me when I first saw mentions in an online writing group I was in. It turns out that Twitter is a place where there are “pitch parties” that help match writers with publishers and or agents. There are strict rules. Your manuscript must be complete and polished. You must also use the correct hashtag for the contest and genre (PB for picture book, for example). If your pitch is favorited, that means you are invited to send a query to that agent or publisher, sometimes they may ask for the first chapter as well.


What to Include in a Family Emergency Supply Kit

what to include in a family emergency supply kit, survival kit, disaster kit, hurricane disaster kit, lifesaving items, plan for an emergency, how to plan for an emergency, DYI emergency supply kit

Yesterday, on NPR, I listened to a mom lament about how unprepared her family was for Hurricane Harvey in Houston. She kept berating herself for not having a family emergency supply kit. I then realized that I don't have one in my household or any idea of what to include in a family emergency supply kit. 


Why Common Core is Such a Chore

what is common core, common core standards, why is common core such a chore, kids and common core, ins and outs of common core, what is common core

By Melissa Uhles

“This is not going to be like kindergarten when you all were kids.” This is what my son’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Reed opened with on orientation night. She explained that the expectations of students and teachers would be much greater than it had been years ago. The days of eating paste and coloring outside the lines were back in the rearview mirror now. I wondered what had caused this shift.I learned later that what she was talking about was why common core is such a chore. 


Essentials to Buy Before Bringing your Baby Home – Part 3

baby essentials to buy before bringing the baby home, must-have baby products, baby registry list, what to buy for baby, best baby products, newborns, moms baby wishlist

Do you need to prepare for your new baby, but don't know what baby essentials to purchase before the little one arrives? Don't worry, I was in the same bassinet. But, two pregnancies back-to-back forced me to become prepared. 

Essentials to Buy Before Bringing your Baby Home – Part 2

essential to buy before brining the baby home / baby registry list / must-have baby items / what to buy for baby / new mome

I have a mom friend who loves to shop for baby products all the time. I’m one of those moms who loves to shop, but can’t stand all the stuff. I really only buy things that I feel are absolutely necessary.

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