The Best Gift Ideas for Writers - Great Christmas Gifts!
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The Best Gift Ideas for Writers

By Melissa Uhles

On our Pen and Parent Facebook Page we were discussing good gift ideas for writers. With the holidays around the corner don’t writer/parents deserve something nice for themselves?

If your extended family is anything like mine they like to get “wish lists” from everyone to take some of the guess work out of shopping. So now you’ll be able to present them with a wish list, which is really doing them a big favor, right?


Author, Elizabeth Eckert commented on our Facebook page and said, "For me personally...I have bought myself a "'little celebrations' notebook so I can keep track of all the awesome little things my kids do/say so I can surprise/reward/praise them. My kids have bought me a foot-stool so I won't cross my legs while writing, ear plugs to tune out the dogs and a blog topic inspiration book so I won't forget all my blog ideas."

Following are 18 Christmas gift ideas for writers.

Some of these items I’m lucky enough to already have and some are on my wishlist. Hint, hint husband.

Desk and chair because we all need a comfortable place to write.

Moleskin Day planner, the kind you can hold in your hand

I’m a Blogger (and so much more) T-shirt

Grammarly subscription that helps me check my grammar errors. 

Book of writing prompts because every writer needs some inspiration sometimes. 

PicMonkey subscription so you can design promo graphics for promoting your books that are for sale via platforms like Draft2Digital and Amazon.

The Emotion Thesaurus because every novelist struggles with finding other words to say the same thing.

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Best rest pillow because sometimes being in bed with the laptop, you find you need a little head and neck support.

Mailer Lite for awesome email blasts

Noise cancelling headphones to help keep you focused on writing and not distracting sounds.

Blue Host for hosting your website so that you can monetize and make money with your writing.

Starbuck’s gift card so you can work somewhere other than your house occasionally.

The Writer’s Market so you know what publishers and agents to send your articles and novels to.

Notebooks and mechanical pencils so you can write down ideas the old fashioned way and erase things if you change your mind.

Chicago Manual of Style so you can make sure your manuscript follows the rules and is ready to send out.

Our eBook How to Make a Living as a Writer. This one I’ve already read because I co-wrote it with Amber. We hope it will help you on your writing to make money journey!

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The Must-Have Books for Writers is a great list of creative books for all writer types. Nothing says I love you to a writer, more than a good book. 

Share your wish-list ideas in the comments.

Affiliate links were used in this post, if they pay us a commission we can buy ourselves some of the stuff on this list.

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the writer in your life?  You have to check out the best gift ideas for writers, bloggers, and authors.

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