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The Best Freelance Writing Books

Are you a new freelance writer looking for the best freelance writing books to help you hone your writing craft and get paid to write?

We understand the desire to become a professional freelance writer, but needing some help with writing craft, grammar, and even where to start. Our writing journey began as friends in college where we connected over our mutual love for creativity and writing. Since that time, we've become professional writers, college professors, and moms.

We gathered all that knowledge into three writing books for new to intermediate writers looking to develop and refine their writing chops.  We call this trilogy, Writing Boot Camp!

Our best writing books for for new freelance writers are fun and easy reads. Plus, we want to help you achieve your writing dreams! 

Check them out.


Write Compelling Content

Content is king! Businesses and blogs need good writing. You can get paid to write it for them. But first, you've gotta prove that you can write better than a bot.

Learning some writing craft will help you land paid writing gigs.

The techniques we share will help you write blog posts, articles, and essays for online publications, clients or for your own online business. If you struggle with creating long-form content and mastering good storytelling, this is the book for you.

Get your creative juices flowing

with writing exercises designed by a seasoned University of California San Diego English instructor and freelance writer.

Once you've finished the exercises, you'll be ready to pitch and get paid for your words. As a bonus, a list of publications that pay and sample pitch letters have been included.

Note: This was originally an online course that has been adapted into a book so that writers who want to get better can do it at their own pace.


How to Make a Living as a Writer

This is a modern guide to making a living as a freelance writer, blogger or book author in 2019 and beyond. We dive into social media and twitter pitch parties and include over 200 links to paying publications in different niches. 

Included are four ways to make money writing: 
  • Freelance Writing for clients, websites or magazines
  • Blogging and using affiliate links, ads, sponsored posts, selling services and or products 
  • Self-publishing books by doing the work yourself or hiring it out.
  • Traditionally publishing books by seeking an agent and or publisher and giving them a percentage of your royalties.

You'll also learn to craft pitches and query letters for websites, magazines, and publishers.

How To Make a Living as a Writer Bonuses:

Lists of publishers, magazines and websites seeking submissions
Great books for writers, included for a little inspiration
Access to writing prompts that will get you crafting prose that zings!

Grammar  for Writers & Bloggers

Do you want editors to beg for your writing? Well, crafting sentences free of errors is the best way to impress one. In fact, all it takes is one grammar error for an editor to slide your pitch and work into the trash. Just one.

Most writers love to write but really don't understand the rules of the language. Bloggers, freelance writers, and authors can edit their writing, but they sometimes still need help getting past the basics.

Why do writers and bloggers need to use good grammar and syntax?

  • If you want to be an "influencer," you'll need the respect of your audience.

  • Good grammar will help you be perceived as a trusted expert.

  • While  “casual” language is common, there are still writing rules that should be followed.

  • Beautiful sentences are error-free. ​

  • The best way to break the rules is to KNOW the rules.

This book is full of writing exercises that will improve your grammar. With this practice, you will be much more confident when you send out or publish your work. Say goodbye to your writerly imposter syndrome!

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