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Hosting a giveaway can be a great tool for the writer. But what service to use? Check out this great article on the pros and cons of Rafflecopter.

Beginners Guide to Using Rafflecopter to Host Giveaways

Rafflecopter, a well-known giveaway site, helps businesses and individuals promote their products and services. The main way they do this is through hosting giveaways. When I first began to run giveaways to promote my writing, I had no idea what service to use. The first one I stumbled upon was Rafflecopter.

Below is an honest review of their services.More

Do you want to increase your email list? Use Rafflecopter to host your giveaways to drive traffic to your site and increase your email list.

How to Host a Giveaway

Hosting giveaways can be overwhelming. How do you start? What should it include?

Don’t worry, creating a giveaway isn’t as hard as it seems. The best part is that giveaways work and will increase your email list. People love free stuff. And if done right, the cost is minimal yet the return is great.

Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be on your way.


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