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Helping Parents Become Better Writers & Parents

If there's one word to describe yourself would it be: passionate parent writer? Okay, that's three words. Did you become a parent and go, I really would like to know how to navigate the crazy world of parenting and still follow my passion?

Whether you need some real-life examples of how to manage your toddlers tantrums or how to craft that perfect first line, all while your kids are running around, you're in the right place.

But, you have no idea how to do that, we totally understand. We were right there with you. 

Since you're here right now, something tells us that you want answers to your everyday parenting woes; to find time to write; to find time to follow your dreams. 

We know we did. 

  • We believe that you can still be a parent that raises exceptional kids that are healthy, happy, and successful while being an outstanding writer.
  • We believe that you deserve to follow your dreams AND be a parent. 
  • We believe your time and energy is precious. We have the information, tips, and strategies to write and raise exceptional kids. 
  • We believe that parenting is one of the most difficult and rewarding things you can do (besides, well, um writing every day), and we have the tools and empathy to help you. 

Origins of Pen and Parent

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We (Amber and Melissa) met eons ago in undergraduate school. Our lives have taken us to different cities over the years but three things have kept us connected—writing, motherhood, and commiserating about our math-minded husbands.

In 2016 we co-wrote a romance novel together. After realizing we enjoyed collaborating and helping other parents and writers, we launched Pen and Parent to share our journey with a like-minded tribe.

​But enough about us. Pen and Parent is about YOU, how we can help you answer all your parenting questions, and help you become a better writer. 

Why we are up to the task?

As parents and writers we know what's like to scour the Internet for advice and not know who to trust. Between the two of us we have experience with most aspects of parenting and writing. 

We have successfully written novels, short stories, blogs, marketing content, and articles. But not just written, poured our heart and soul into them. Because we want to write stuff that's remembered and life-changing. 

I (this is Amber) have 10 years experience as an English teacher. I'm the author of three novels. I have an MFA in Creative Writing. My writing has been featured in Parent.co, WOW!, The Write Life, and more. I'm a working-mom  and proud mama raising two under two.

I (this is Melissa) have authored three novels, a children's picture book, and recently a short film. I've been published online at Pennyhoarder, Momastery, Red Tricycle, and Rage Against the Minivan. My print articles have been featured in We Need Not Walk Alone and Salient. I'm a mom of one great kid. 

We know how parenting and writing can be lonely, confusing, and defeating.

That's why Pen and Parent is more than just your typical parenting or writing website. It's about connecting with people who are just like you - navigating the wilds of parenthood while following their dreams.