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Kids are back in school and you're wondering what the heck is common core. Well, common core can be such a chore, but check out this article giving parents the ins and outs of common core and find out how to make this school year successful.

Why Common Core is Such a Chore

By Melissa Uhles

“This is not going to be like kindergarten when you all were kids.” This is what my son’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Reed opened with on orientation night. She explained that the expectations of students and teachers would be much greater than it had been years ago. The days of eating paste and coloring outside the lines were back in the rearview mirror now. I wondered what had caused this shift.I learned later that what she was talking about was why common core is such a chore. 

Increasing your child's math skills is important. But, what if there was an easy, fun way to do so? Making a tangram teaches your child basic geometry and spatial awareness. You can make the tangram together and foster a love of math without your child knowing it.

How to Increase Your Child’s Math Skills by Making a Tangram

Math plays an important role in any child's development. Unfortunately, math can be challenging for a lot of kids. But, what if there was a fun way to introduce geometry while playing? One way is to create a Tangram.

Since it's no longer the 50s and my kid's now in grade school people are starting to wonder why I became a SAHM and what the heck I do with my time all day. Aren't you? Well, being a housewife AND a stay at home mom still takes A LOT of time. Plus, there's so many benefits to becoming a SAHM that I'm dying to share with you. #SAHM #Housewife

The Honest Truths from a SAHM

By Melissa Uhles

When my husband and I bought our first house together, our son was two. I was entrenched in my role as a stay at home mom (SAHM) and a 1950s Housewife, minus the jello molds.

When we filled out the paperwork at the title company, under occupation I wrote “homemaker”. It felt weird. There was now a paper trail stating that I was a “kept” woman. But I’d always thought of myself as an independent feminist woman. What happened? Why did I become a SAHM and housewife?


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kiddos and Spouses

 By Melissa Uhles

Looking for cheap gifts for your kids, spouse or partner this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered.

Grocery stores are brimming with chocolate heart confections. When you add flowers and dinner to all that, Valentine's Day can be hard on the wallet. Here's a solution: 12 gift ideas that will put a smile on your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or child’s face for under ten bucks.

Do you dream about your kid packing his own lunch? Check out these 5 easy lunch ideas that are simple and quick. They will save moms and dads time because they won't have to cook and the meals are simple and easy to make. Kids will love them.

How to Get Your Third Grader to Pack His Own Lunch

By Melissa Uhles

My son is a third grader and old enough to start putting together his own lunches. Although, I admit, he’s so tired and busy with homework that I still do it for him most days. The plan is to eventually have him do it all by himself.

In order to make it easy for him, I made a cheat sheet. This is also a way to help teach him a little about mindful nutrition. 

Are you living with a twonager? Teens and toddlers have a lot in common. Check out this article to find out more.

Are You Living with a Twonager?

It occurred to me the other day, as my toddler held me hostage on our living room floor, that I might be raising a teenager. In one hand, I held his leg to keep him from scooting away with a butt smeared with poop and in the other the overflowing diaper.  The situation was precarious.More