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Are you looking for ways to make money writing? You have to check out these smart ways to turn your writing side hustle into a bustling writing career. #writingjobs #writingcareers @penandparent.com

8 Simple Ways to Make Money with Your Writing

So you think you have a hidden Jane Austen within you? You can romanticize the simplest of statements, and written words are your forte! Well then, what’s stopping you from following a writing career? Oh yeah, real life commitments.

Turns out that Jane, as much of a literature prodigy as she was, never really got married or had any children. She could dedicate all of her days and nights to writing, as she precisely did, touching people’s hearts as such.


But times have changed, and we’re not living in the 18th century anymore. Heck, no one even uses a writing machine, as it is the first image that pops into people’s minds when they picture themselves as writers. Smoking a cigarette, pouring some strong coffee at 3:00 AM, while merging their feelings into the sound of that typewriter. This is our ultimate visualization of writers.

This is a guest post by Ujëbardha Bekolli

However, in reality, we get intimidated by the fast pace of the digital world taking over. We think that writing is a skill we must not nourish, as other innovative skills are probably more trendy. Perhaps, we think that we can't make money writing.

Or, we believe that people should only pursue writing as a side-career, doing it every once in a while when some mystical creature comes and whispers some creativity through their ears.

What if you could actually do all the writing of the world while working from your desk back home. Technology is certainly in writer’s favor, as it provides them with plenty opportunities to work remote jobs, except from having to show up at work by 8:00 in the morning, sharp and woke.

To enlighten you on how to provide light to that creativity you’ve got going on, we have enlisted some of the most beneficial careers for writers to get paid to write, both financially rewarded and personally, but that do not require formal work settings. Long live freelancing!


Every single story written from different people has different perspectives as well. Don't you ever start your writing career thinking that there are already too many novelists in the world, or that all the possible stories have been told, as that is not true?

There is always an angle that you will narrate differently, for having experienced it differently. Introspection has its perks, but its benefits as well.

And one thing is for sure; people love hearing other people’s stories, whether similar or different, whether romanticized, fictional or filled with the taste of suffering.

Weird as it may sound, misery indeed loves company. We tend to find ourselves mesmerized by other’s narratives while not being able to confess ours. So if you're willing to manifest your versions of a story through pages, then you will most certainly be rewarded.

Writing your own novel does take time and dedication, accompanied by a mindset that reacts well on criticism and feedback, which can be negative at times.

Also, be prepared for the notorious ‘writer's block.’ It will find you, and it will hit you. But at least you won’t have a whining boss to ring the bell when a deadline approaches. Then again you will have your inner voice, so I don't know which one is worse.


If sharing and personalizing yourself through stories and tips is your jam, then blogging is the right fit for you. You will not have to follow that 'dress for the job you want' phrase, as how do I look will be the least relevant question to you.

This is the best attribute to being a blogger. You set aside a petite corner of privacy, inside the coziness of your home, and start manifesting your thoughts on traveling, cooking, motherhood or plastic bags and recycling. No degree needed!

And many websites will pay you to write thoughtful, well-researched blog posts. Many of these opportunities allow you to include a byline and a link to your site, so it’s a wonderful way to build your portfolio and reputation if you're planning on sticking to writing in long terms.

Getting paid to write online by writing articles for money is easier than you think. There are a ton of writing websites that pay you to write. Check out these parenting publications for inspiration.  


Parents are the best when it comes down to persuasion. I know, because the thoughts I get when I am trying to tuck my daughter out of buying that whole basket of toys every time we shop, are hilarious.

So if you feel like you have a way with words that can transmit creative messages, then Copywriting is the right track to follow.

Copywriting is mostly used in advertising, commercials, and promotional materials. You will attach customers through slogans, or clients through mottos. You will increase an organization’s reputation and the way the audience recognizes it first.

So basically, you're setting the foundation for significant relationships, that is why companies and corporations are in demand of good authentic copy, that makes heads turn.

You can either work in Copywriting agencies, which will probably ask you to do all the work from home, or you can apply individually in gigs you think you relate with. Either way, it's a win-win situation.  Who knows you could become a money making machine who makes quick cash through your writing. 


So we're slowly reducing the aspects on which you might not be that confident in, or you think you still don’t have what it takes. Say, if you’re still not willing to sacrifice your time for a whole novel, you start with blogging.

Whereas, if you do not have the confidence or the desire to take public credit for your writing necessarily, then you can ghostwrite. The confidentiality that ghostwriters develop with their clients is precious, and their work can highly be rewarded, financially speaking.

Some people prefer to remain backstage, but still, all that great work is achieved through their input. Nothing wrong with that, just a matter of not wanting the spotlight to be necessarily on you. Besides, nothing to worry about receiving any judgments or negative feedback on your content, your name is not attached to it. 

Technical Writer

Technical writers take detailed information and break it down into digestible bits for the audience which is being targeted. This job includes a variety of technical articles, reports and user manuals, technical specification and similar complex documentation.

Since this job mainly involves drawing useful and relevant information out of software developers, engineers, and other professionals, solid interpersonal skills are essential.

We are talking about instructions that might have whole complicated math behind them, but that must be introduced in a way that people of any field of expertise could capture that information.

To this category, we could also include the roles of Grant writers and Proposal writers, which basically lie under the same sky, when it comes down to the similarity of their scope of work.


If you are referred to as the Grammar Nazi of the crew, always pointing out bizarre parts of speech, always wanting to yell out loud when you see how far we are from using you're and your in the right way, then editing goes along pretty well with your profile.

The Editor selects and prepares material for publication by formulating editorial policies and plans. He collaborates with other writers to create top-notch error-free content (in terms of syntax, spelling, facts, and quotes). Whereas, web editors must also maximize on-page SEO.

Social Media Specialist

Every corporate nowadays is becoming aware of the role that their online presence and their reputation are important, well maintained and that speaks loudly about their actions.

Therefore, creating captivating content that boosts their page, increases the number of people who reach and comment on their work, is of high importance.

You will be going back and forth from Facebook to Instagram, from Twitter to Youtube thereof it doesn't matter if in real life you're the most introverted person one can find. Virtually speaking, you can own an audience and be an attention-getter.

Creative Writer

This aspect of writing qualifies as the cherry on top of the cake. The world is in need of more romance expressed through songs, just as much as it needs poets to collide beautiful lines.

The special thing about songs, poetry, and lyrics is that you can pour your heart out in that piece you're writing, and a large number of people will dive into its meaning.

They will memorize it, as they get goosebumps from all the ways you described a heartache that was precisely the same as theirs, except that they did not have the skills to articulate properly. And you’ll be forever thanked, for having found such words of compassion that heal souls.

What other kinds of writing jobs do you love to do? Let me know in the comments below.

Ujëbardha Bekolli is a writer for SAHMJobsa job portal designed to bring together stay at home moms and recruiters. The platform also brings helpful articles in the Blog section regarding mothers who want to return to the workforce. 

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