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8 Summer Workout Tips for Busy Moms

8 Summer Workout Tips for Busy Moms

Are you a busy mom looking for workout tips that will help you lose weight or get bikini ready? I know that after having two babies in two years, I struggled to find the time for fitness and eating healthy. Self-care is important  for anyone but even more important for moms. These eight summer workout tips for busy moms will get you on the right track fast.


In How to Lose the Baby Weight Fast I gave you awesome tips on how to drop the pounds after the baby comes, but now I want to share with you some super easy workout tips that will help you get and stay fit, even with the kiddos around.

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10 Super Easy Workout Tips for Busy Moms

1. Try Pilates.

I’m all about Pilates. I used to be a runner and spent hours pounding the pavement. Running can be effective, but as women reach their late 20s and early 30s there are much better ways to take inches off your waist fast.

My number one workout tip is to try Pilates.

In 20 minutes or less, you’ll have done more for your body than one hour of running. The reason is that Pilates is all about strengthening your core and combines the benefits of weightlifting, aerobic exercises, and yoga.

You can fit in Pilates a few different ways. The easiest way is to stream a workout on Youtube. My absolute fav is Fitness Blender.

All the workouts are free and most are 10 minutes to one hour, so you can choose what’s best for your schedule. They also have paid programs for a few bucks, that I’ve done too. Sometimes I don’t want to have to scroll through to find a workout in a pinch.

When my kiddos were little, little, I’d put on a video and put my son in the jumper. Or use nap time to get a quick workout in. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in 20 minutes. I truly know that working smarter is better for fitness choices. Pilates rewards you faster than other forms of exercise. I think the proof is in the pictures.

2. Stroller Strides

Depending on where you live, you can join Stroller Strides. In San Diego, you can find mommas and kiddos working out at Mission Bay. On any given day, there’s a long line of strollers and moms in stretch pants.

Working out with other moms means also a chance to lament and to build a community. And if you forget wipes or snacks, there’s always another mom willing to help you out. Also, if your kid has the tantrum, you’ll know you’re not alone.

3. Strolling From Home

We live in a walkable neighborhood with parks all around us. I used to stroll the hard nap in the late afternoon with both my kids. Most days I’d head to the park; other days, I’d power walk to the store or Walgreens for diapers. I found that it was helpful to have a goal for the walk.

A friend of mine gave me a Fitbit for a gift, so I’d track my steps. I found this to be a fun way to keep me motivated. You can also join fitness challenges on your FitBit app and connect with friends who have one too. I find that completing a challenge is a motivating way to inspire exercise.

4. Join the YMCA

Most YMCA’s have childcare services. So, you can drop the kids off while you workout. We got a family membership for less than most gyms. What I love about the YMCA is not only the childcare but the pool and tons of classes.

The YMCA closest to our house also has a fenced-in playground right next to a juice place. My usual plan is to drop the kids off, head to a Pilates class, then give the kiddos a whirl on the playground before indulging in a healthy juice. Hopefully, there’s not a tantrum before we get home.

Some days, if I’m jacked on workout adrenaline, I’ll even take the kids to the pool. Every time my son sees the water, he screams yeah. It almost makes the wetness worth it.

5. Make Use of Naptime

I view naptime as the best gift for myself. I like to joke that the only thing I’ve truly succeeded at as a mom is getting my kids to sleep. Early on, I realized that creating good sleepers was the only way I would survive motherhood. I wrote about what you need to get your kids to sleep in How to Get Your Baby to Sleep 

So, if your kids don’t like to sleep, this should be your first focus. I don’t mean to be bossy, but a sleep schedule is the best way to work out consistently. If I time it right, I can do a twenty minute Pilates video, eat lunch, and shower before the belting call of my brood brings me back to reality.

And, sometimes, I can write too. Recently, I launched an online course Get Paid to Write Quality Blog Posts. Check it out!

6. Get Your Partner Involved

My husband’s a health nut, so getting him to watch the kids so I can workout isn’t hard. But, I do have to ask, which is annoying. Whether you’re a SAHM or Working Mom, work together with your partner to get three workouts in a week. Maybe it means as soon as your partner in crime comes home, you make your exit or lock yourself in a room to watch a workout video.

I say three workouts because sometimes anymore isn’t achievable for most moms. But remember to choose high impact workout choices like Pilates, Circuit Training, etc.

7. Get Up Early

What, I need my sleep! Yes, you do, but once you’re not waking up to bottle feed or plant a kid on the boob, get up one hour before the kiddos to complete a workout. Believe me, if you take this time for yourself, you’ll be a mama bear instead of a mamapine (porcupine for short).

Also, remember that 10-30 minutes is all you really need, so you can stream a video or jet outside to exercise. Once you get in the habit of rising early, it becomes easier. Plus, you’ve completed something important first thing and you don’t have to worry about trying to fit your workout in with the landmine of raising kiddos.

8. Mix It Up

Now, I’m a Pilates fanatic, but did I mention that’s Hot Inferno Pilates? For me, it’s all about the heat. Call me a sadomasochist (in the tune of the song - Call me baby).  

Well, I also love Bikram yoga and Barre. I go to a sweet studio that knows me by name and instructors that remember when I’m absent. On Mother’s Day, they gave me a rose. At the end of my Bikram classes, they give me cold lavender scented towels.

So, my advice is to find a few workouts you’re fanatic about at a studio or gym you love and change it up. I’ll go for weeks practicing Hot Inferno Pilates and then switch it up to yoga and then back to Pilates.

So there you have it, 8 Summer Workout Tips for Moms.

Before you go, here are some other things to think about to reach your workout goals. First, ask yourself what motivates you. 

So, what does motivate you?

Well, what motivates me, unfortunately, is food. I think some days I workout, so I can eat more. I also think I buy kid snacks so I can indulge. I tried to convince my son that chocolate bunnies were better than the chocolate bears the other day.

But, food can be a good motivator, unless you’re basically eating the same calories you’re burning. So, I had to come up with other motivators like a new workout outfit or the thought of being in a bikini at a swimming pool.

So, write down five positive things that motivate you and use them as your reward system.

Positive change comes from consistent choices over a period of time. I’m serious. You can’t workout for three days here, three days there and expect to reach your goals. I don’t mean to be a know it all, but it’s true. Okay, I’m meaning to be a know it all.

Create a schedule and stick to it. Or at least keep it flexible but with either a workout goal in mind or a number in mind. For example, this week I’m going to work out for a total of 90 minutes spread out over five days.

I really hope these tips help you reach your fitness goals. For me, working out is a constant struggle that I have to work towards. But, I’ve kept the weight off for 1.5 years after having two babies in two years. You can too.

Grab your Lose the Baby Weight Fast Tips HERE.  

What are your workout tips for busy moms? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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