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Are you trying to decide on a profitable blogging niche? Take a look at these 5 blogging niches for moms that make money and drive traffic. Making money blogging is easier than you think. Click through to read or save to read later. #makemoneyblogging #profitableblogniches

Make Money Blogging With These 5 Niches

By Melissa Uhles

Are you on the verge of starting a blog but don’t know what niche to choose? You probably want to pick one of the profitable blog niches for moms so that your content creation efforts will pay off. I’ve done some digging to find some examples of profitable blogs in a variety of niches.


Writing within a niche means that you are planning to provide content, a service or product to a small, specific segment of the population.

If you are a mom, you might want to blog about parenting. That’s a big category. An example of finding a niche within that broad category might be Christian Parenting, Raising Free Range Children or European Travel with Kids.

What may be more important than what blogging niche for moms you choose is figuring out how you can write something better or in a more unique way than your competitors.

There are some niches that may be profitable (like mom blogs) but there is also a huge amount of competition. So you can either jump in to the big pond and do it better or choose a niche that isn’t served by as many people.

Google and even Amazon can be your friend when you are beginning your research. You can look at current Google trends and also search for book titles in Amazon to see what appears as a popular search term.

For this post, I took a look at some of the income reports provided by the bloggers and tried to include blogs that earn $1,000 per month or more with their blogs.

The categories I’ve listed are large but when you look at some of the examples, you’ll see how these bloggers carved out a more specific niche within their general category.

Check Out These 5 Profitable Blog Niches for Moms

Personal Finance/Frugal Living​

I’ve combined personal finance and frugal living because I saw a lot of overlap in this area. A huge percentage of the population struggles with debt, saving money and surviving on wages that are lower than they’d like. 

Bloggers capitalize on this by sharing information on how to save and spend wisely. In this category bloggers can make money with ads, sponsored content and or by selling products or services (like ebooks and courses).

Millennial Boss has a great list of 35 Blogs that make money in a variety of categories. Her article introduced me to some new blogs I’ve never heard of and I included a few of my favorites below. This site started as a way to help her pay off $100k of debt. Now that she’s done that, she’s focussed on saving money and generating multiple streams of income.

Stefanie O'Connell, is a self proclaimed “millennial money expert” who gained acclaim with her book The Broke and Beautiful Life. She chronicles her experience of being a 24 year old in NYC who figured out how to manage a small income in a big city.

Making Sense of Cents is an example of choosing a blog title that reflects the content. Their tagline is “earn more, save more, live more.” So who wouldn’t wanna check out their site?

Mr. Money Mustache is guy who “retired” in his thirties and now he shares how he did it by saving and being frugal. He’s even created his own “cult” with his blog. His site generates an income so I’m not sure I’d say he’s actually “retired”. But he seems to be doing what he wants and making money, which sounds good to me.

Are you a mom looking for a profitable side hustle? Perhaps, you've thought of starting a blog. If so, you need to check out these five profitable blogging niches for moms. You might as well start a blog that earns you money right away. #startablog | blogging niches | blogging niches ideas |


It probably helps if you are an amazing photographer to make it in this category. How does a recipe tell a story with pictures and based on your personal experiences? Below there’s a gal who feeds cowboys and a woman who cooked up a storm in her miniature kitchen.

This seems like a crowded arena but there it has is one of the profitable blog niches for moms because writers make money to be made with ads, affiliate income and sometimes cookbooks and courses.

Show Me the Yummy was started by Trevor and Jennifer who share a love of food. In addition to their blog, they offer video workshops.

Pinch of Yum is another blog with yum in the title started by a married couple (Lindsay and Bjork). They started their food blog in 2011 as an experiment to see if they could create a profitable food blog, and they did! Check out their income reports if you don’t believe me.

Pioneer Woman began as a food/mom/photography hobby blog and it has since exploded into an empire. Ree Drummond now has cookbooks, children’s books and a Food Network show.

Smitten Kitchen is another food blog that appeared on my radar years ago when I discovered her out of this world-iverse recipe for blondies. Deb Perelman started out in her tiny kitchen in NYC but has since upgraded a little.

Making Money Online

There are plenty of people who want to find a way to make money online, either a side hustle or something that will pay enough to allow them to quit their 9-5.

With so many moms at home with young children, college educated, underemployed millennials and retirees, this audience a perfect blogging niche for moms.  Now that technology has made it easy and cheap to set up shop online, there are lots of opportunities here to provide information to a hungry tribe.

Blogging and using affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling services, books and courses, seems to be one of the most popular choices for wannabe entrepreneurs.

Smart Passive Income is Pat Flynn’s blog/podcast that teaches how to create passive income with an online business.

ProBlogger is a podcast, blog and job board that supports bloggers who are looking to make their blogs successful. 

Melyssa Griffin has a focus mostly on online courses that empower  bloggers to increase their traffic and ultimately as a result, their income.

Twins Mommy is one of Elna Cain’s blogs that provides tools for parents who want to start a blog.


This is another arena where being an extraordinary photographer is probably important. There are many people that dream of travel, even if they don’t get a chance to do it as much as they like.

While it is a popular topic to write about, if you can find a new way to do it, you may find your audience. My favorite example below are the founders of 2FoodTrippers. They are a married couple traveling the world with the primary focus of getting to taste amazing cuisines from all over the world.

Expert Vagabond Matthew shares travel information. He’s also got lots of information for other people who want to start their own travel blogs. He says he earns six figures a year, not too shabby.

2 Food Trippers is travel and food blog started by Daryl and Mindi Hirsch. They love to try food from destinations all over the world. So if you love food and travel, it’s the perfect “marriage” of niches.

Ali's Adventures is a blog about Ali’s travel adventures and her life living abroad in Germany. She also shares how she makes money online to support her unconventional lifestyle.


Sometimes a wrinkle in my forehead appears when someone says “lifestyle” blog. What is that? Doesn’t everyone have a “lifestyle” and why is yours better than mine? I think I’d prefer to call them “everything but the kitchen sink blogs.” They usually cover a variety of topics.

Lifestyle blogs don’t focus on one area, so some theorize they are hard to profit from and hard to monetize when they focus on so many topics. If you are a foodie and don’t have any interest in kids, gardening or makeup tutorials are you going to come back to a blog that has all of these topics?

That said, in my research, I found some profitable lifestyle blogs, so I’m including them. Even if they are outliers. The following blogs talk about parenting but have other focus areas that include travel, food, self-help, and reviews.

Mommy to Max Lotus writes about being a mom and also features reviews on her site.

Momastery began as Glennon Doyle’s mom blog and has morphed into a profitable self-help hub for the now best-selling author.

Pulling Curls is Hilary’s blog that covers parenting, travel, food and other topics. She’s also a nurse and offers a prenatal class.

Easy Baby Life Paula Dennholt, is a mom and founded her site based on the idea that she wanted to share information about pregnancy and baby care.

Final Thoughts

There are so many choices when it comes to niches. You may have to figure out where your passion, expertise, interests and possible profitability collide.

Starting a blog is a risk but it pays off for some. Many of the blogs I’ve listed have been going for years. Sometimes, just being the person who continues to show up over time and provide quality content becomes a winner in the end. I hope one of these profitable blogging niches for moms works for you!

What is your niche? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

I’ve just scratched the surface on discussing niches here. Would you like to learn more about what blogging topics you should focus on?

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Are you trying to decide on a profitable blog niche? Take a look at these 5 blog niches that make money and drive traffic. Making money blogging is easier than you think. Click through to read or save to read later. #makemoneyblogging #profitableblogniches
Are you trying to decide on a profitable blog niche? Take a look at these 5 blog niches that make money and drive traffic. Making money blogging is easier than you think. Click through to read or save to read later. #makemoneyblogging #profitableblogniches

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